President Loco’s ‘Fox & Friends’ interview was a goddamned gift to late night

Seth Meyers does the deepest dive into President Dragon’s completely fucking insane Fox & Friends appearance with his “A Closer Look”:

Trevor Noah calls Trump’s call into Fox & Friends “epic,” and he’s not wrong:

Stephen Colbert has the internal monologues of the Fox & Friends’ hosts during Trump’s crazed rant on their show:

Jimmy Fallon points out that Trump’s unhinged ranting is what the guy at the drive-through has to deal with every morning:

James Corden is amazed that the one question Trump doesn’t lie about is what he got his wife for her birthday:

Jordan Klepper knows who signed Melania’s birthday card: one Michael Cohen:

Seth Meyers introduces a new segment in response to the Charlie Rose Wants to Have a #MeToo Show called, “JUST, NO.” Related: I love Seth Meyers.

The tiny voice in the back of Donald Trump’s head reminds him that he hates being President and wishes he could be a little kid:


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