In which late night tells the same three jokes about Dr. Candy Man

This morning, Dr. Ronny Jackson withdrew his name for consideration to be the secretary of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. But last night, he was the target of almost all of late night after reports came out that he was sometimes drunk on the job, passing out pills like candy, he’d crashed a government car, banged drunkenly on a woman’s hotel room door among other regrettable behaviors. And almost all of late night shared the same jokes:

  1. Who can blame Dr. Ronny for drinking on the job when his job requires him to look at Trump naked?
  2. This explains Dr. Ronny saying all those crazy things about Trump’s health back in January.
  3. Who’da thunk that of Trump’s two known doctors, Dr. Ronny and not this guy would be the drunk?

But there were also a bunch of jokes that managed to not overlap:

Trevor Noah is so confused by Trump saying he wishes he were Dr. Ronny:

Stephen Colbert sings a tribute to the White House Candy Man (second video):

Jimmy Kimmel points out that The Bachelor vets their contestants better than Donald Trump does his appointees. This isn’t so much funny as it is completely true:

Jimmy Fallon shares a few old school jokes about Dr. Ronny:

“The Opposition” begs Hillary to never leave:

James Corden makes so many pee jokes here:

Samantha Bee plays “Where in the World is Steve Bannon?” Because as much as we might rather not know, the answer is actually super alarming:

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Trump’s foreign policy or, rather, “foreign policy.” Because who the fuck even knows.

Stephen Colbert does a deep dive on the Trump and Kanye bromance: Yeezy & Sleazy:

Seth Meyers can’t tell the difference between real Melania and wax Melania:

The tiny voice in the back of Donald Trump’s head is worried about Dark Santa:

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