You better believe late night is enjoying this Sean Hannity story

Stephen Colbert literally fondled himself over the Sean Hannity news. How he didn’t have Jon Stewart on to gloat is a God damned mystery.

Jimmy Kimmel has plenty of reason to take glee in this Sean Hannity news following their recent very dumb feud. He also travels back in time to warn baby Donald Trump:

Trevor Noah points out that Hannity wasn’t just mad in those clips defending Michael Cohen — he was scared.

Jimmy Fallon stuck with the Comey jokes and noticed that many people have “Oh NO!” faces when near Trump:

The Opposition is prepared for war with James Comey:

James Corden — and everyone else — agrees that Trump looks like a guy who needs hookers, and points out that the “J” in Donald J. Trump stands for “John.” It’s funny because it is true.

Finally, it’s Tax Day. John Oliver is here to show you the bullshit shell game corporations use to avoid paying their fair share on Last Week Tonight:


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