Thanks to that disgusting sex ogre Harvey Weinstein, ‘Project Runway’ may not be able to make it work any longer

Is Project Runway in danger of being canceled because of Harvey Fucking Weinstein? Very probably unless some other network wants to save it. A&E revealed that it ended its contract with The Weinstein Co. back in January over the Harvey Weinstein allegations, and Lifetime will not be airing new seasons of Project Runway. Lifetime had just renewed the show for three more seasons, as well as two more seasons of Project Runway Junior and Project Runway All Stars in 2016, but are now saying that The Weinstein Co. violated the terms of their contract through this Harvey Weinstein horror show.

A new-to-me allegation from this story: that Weinstein used the show to gain access to young models. ~shudder~ Hopefully, some other network will pick up the series, because I think we can all agree we need more Tim Gunn in our lives. Meanwhile, Harvey Weinstein’s crisis p.r. firm has resigned. And who can blame them?

The confidentiality agreements Bill O’Reilly made with three women have become public thanks to the defamation suit against him and Fox News. And boy howdy. The women were required to turn over all evidence to O’Reilly and disclaim them as forgeries if the evidence was ever made public. Also, too, after making one of the settlements, one of the women’s lawyers agreed to work for O’Reilly on future sexual harassment cases which is not sketchy or unethical at all.

Russell Simmons is calling one of his accusers crazy in legal documents. Cool.

The Anita Hill-led Commission on Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace is asking Hollywood to help fund their efforts. PONY UP, ASSHOLES.

In Other TV News

CSPAN was inundated with racist calls on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s death. Way to be disgusting, America.

A producer at one of the Sinclair-owned stations has resigned in protest over the scripted promos. Meanwhile, the head of Sinclair Broadcast Group proves that he just doesn’t get what the problem is: “You cant be serious!” he wrote. “Do you understand that as a practical matter every word that comes out of the mouths of network news people is scripted and approved by someone?” And Boris Epshteyn defended the must-run practice in a segment. It was a must-run, obviously.

The new Roseanne seems to have completely forgotten one of the more important plot points of the old Roseanne, all in the name of proving that older conservatives are principled and right and younger and more liberal generations are wrong and weak, per Roseanne’s tweet:

Also, why are we so willing to move past that thing where Roseanne took photos of herself dressed up as Hitler and baking Jewish gingerbread men? Are we’re just OK with that?

Max Greenfield is sorry New Girl‘s Schmidt is a Republican. Listen, when the show began, the world was a very, very, very, very, very, very different place.

The Bill Clinton impeachment drama that History was planning on doing has been scrapped, marking the second win for Monica Lewinsky this week.

Obviously, Dr. Evil was a member of Trump’s cabinet.

The Parents Television Council has found a new target: 13 Reasons Why.

Unsurprisingly, the Duffer Brothers are denying that they stole the story for Stranger Things.

Wow, Instinct didn’t just rip off an episode of Bones, they pretty much just took the script, scratched out the Bones‘ characters’ names and inserted their own. Let’s go to the tape.

This hero woman is naming streets for Game of Thrones characters.

The Office and West Wing: yes, maybe. Seinfeld and Friends: nope, never.

Here’s our first peek at Sabrina:

Aww … Bughead is real!

Apparently, we don’t need both Zach Braff and Dax Shepard:



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