These Parkland kids are taking down conservative gun humpers and it is glorious to behold

I almost feel a tiny bit sorry for Laura Ingraham. Almost.

As I mentioned yesterday, Fox News star Laura Ingraham mocked a Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting survivor on Twitter yesterday for not being accepted to some colleges:

Listen: it’s fine to disagree with Hogg’s position on gun control and to politely make that argument. We don’t have to all agree on the gun control issue, and just as the Parkland kids are free to make their positions known, so are people who disagree with them. But to take cheap personal potshots at a kid who survived a horrific school shooting just because he has been able to make a platform for himself and his fellow students to express their desire for change? That’s just tacky.

And David Hogg thought so too, which is why he organized a boycott of Ingraham’s sponsors:

And damned if it didn’t work. As of this morning, 9 of the 12 advertisers had pulled their advertising from her show. Nutrish was the first company to do so, followed by TripAdvisor and Wayfair.

As Ingraham began to realize she was losing advertisers, she tweeted out a shitty apology:

But David Hogg saw right through it and was like, “Thanks, but NAH”:

“She only apologized after we went after her advertisers,” Hogg said. “It kind of speaks for itself. … I’m not going to stoop to her level and go after her on a personal level. I’m going to go after her advertisers.”

Also, it’s worth noting that Ingraham still hasn’t pulled down the original offensive tweet, even though she has a record of deleting tweets that she had decided had gone too far in the past, like one critical of Paul Ryan.

Expedia, Nestlé, Johnson & Johnson, Hulu, Jenny Craig, and Stitch Fix pulled their ads after her obviously fake apology.

And Hogg is not backing down, telling CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on New Day this morning:

“The fact that they’re going after us personally shows that what we’re doing is working. We have them scared and now we have to go even harder. This is when it really starts to matter is when these people try going against us.”

“I want people to understand, we’re not trying to take your guns, we’re not against the second amendment, we don’t want to repeal the second amendment. We simply want gun legislation in this country that allows law-abiding citizens to still own guns but prevents people with a history of mental illness or a history of a criminal background from owning a firearm. It’s as simple as that.”

The bottom line is the people who attack these kids personally are showing their true colors: they are terrified of the power these teens have been wielding, making substantive change on an issue that had remained stubbornly static even after 20 first graders were senselessly slaughtered. These Parkland kids, they are better at this than anyone the NRA or the right wing gun nuts have ever faced before, and the gun humpers are lashing out in their impotence.

So keep it up, guys. Go ahead and spread conspiracy theories that David Hogg wasn’t at the school at the time of the shooting; make false memes of Emma Gonzalez tearing up the Constitution or claim falsely that David Hogg was giving a Nazi salute; attack them as skinheads or mock them for not getting into certain colleges. But know this: these kids aren’t backing down, you can’t scare them, and every time that you come for them personally, they will come back at you even stronger, and eventually they will take you down.

And who did advertise on her show last night? These folks. Feel free to let them know how you feel about that:

@Gillete; @AdvilRelief; @Progressive; @MiracleEar; @sleepnumber; @WeatherTech; @HomeAdvisor; @Office Depot @OfficeMax; @BeachesResorts; @SanDiegoZoo; @SandalsResorts; also CLR; Belfor; @USAA; @Varidesk and the new movie @ChappaquiddickMov

In other TV news

So what’d everyone think about the Supernatural/Scooby-Doo mashup last night? TV Guide lists the 9 most “delightfully bizarre” episodes and somehow manage to leave out “Fan Fiction.” COME ON NOW.

This is a great look at two feminist series that are being rebooted at CBS thanks to this #MeToo movement: Cagney & Lacey and Murphy Brown. “Diane English’s experiences with Murphy Brown parallel Avedon’s and Corday’s. She had pitched her lead character as a 40-year-old woman who was just getting out of the Betty Ford Center—a role she thought was perfect for Bergen. CBS wanted a 30-year-old woman returning from a spa, to be played by siren Heather Locklear.” 🙄

Sarah Silverman and Kumail Nanjiani had a civil disagreement about the Roseanne reboot and I agree with both of them? This is exactly what I was trying to get at yesterday, but they managed to say it all in 5 tweets.

Hey! John Mulaney is going to host Saturday Night Live next month! That’s terrific! Here’s to hoping he sneaks Nick Kroll into a bit.

This is bad news for The CW’s Life Sentence: It’s being bumped in favor of the final season of The Originals and moving to Friday nights. Eventually.

Sarah Jessica Parker sure took her sweet time to endorse Cynthia Nixon for New York governor.

Hey, The Walking Dead: ice zombies are Game of Thrones‘ thing. Leave them be.

Netflix bought Seth Rogan. He’s apparently theirs now.

Timothy Olyphant thinks “there’s no fucking way” the Deadwood movie is getting made.

Here’s the Westworld trailer and … just … damn.

This is an interesting piece about General Hospital at 55. They film 7-8 episodes a WEEK. That’s insane.

Janice Dickinson is suing Ryan Seacrest’s production company because she was on an episode of Shahs of Sunset acting like an asshole. Between the Janice Dickinson and Ryan Seacrest legal news from yesterday and now today, I feel like I’m just filling in a Mad Libs with nonsense.

This is a batshit crazy story about a sex cult and the Smallville actress who got caught up in it who will probably be arrested herself soon.

Get well soon, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The stories coming out about Ren & Stimpy‘s creator John Kricfalusi’s abuse of teenage girls are horrifying. Absolutely horrifying.



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