Turns out Donald Glover wasn’t “too busy” for that “Deadpool” series, and has shared what could have been. And what could have been is hilarious.

The big story everywhere is that Donald Glover revealed he wasn’t actually “too busy” to do Deadpool, despite what the network might have said yesterday, and that he released 15 pages of a mock script on Twitter that suggests the real reason the project was canceled. One quote: “You know, I’m not mad at this whole canceled thing. I actually think it’s a good thing. I mean, is it even a good time to have a violent, gun-loving white man ranting on TV? Other than THE PRESIDENT.”


This is an interesting piece criticizing the recent reboot craze as being too white. I would argue that a remarkable number of the reboots have deliberately chosen to give an originally all-white cast a much more diverse reimagining (One Day at a Time; S.W.A.T., Dynasty, Roseanne, the upcoming Party of Five, Roswell, Charmed, Greatest American Hero, Get Christie Love and Star Trek: Discovery, just to name some), while this article focuses on Will & Grace, Twin Peaks, The X-Files, Fuller House and … again, Roseanne, to make their point. The author is correct to point out that the majority of shows that are being brought back overwhelmingly were originally white series, as opposed to shows like Martin or Living Single, (although there is some talk of doing a Fresh Prince reboot, and some hints that Martin and Living Single might also be revisited). But playing devil’s advocate here: maybe the reboot trend is made up of predominately white shows because they are rebooting shows from a time when most shows were predominately white? Shows with all black casts like Martin and Living Single were the outliers, not the norm — and it’s unlikely they are going to be rebooting the most successful black series from that era thanks to someone named “Bill Cosby.” But it’s certainly worth thinking about and hopefully, the reboot trend will bring back some more originally diverse programming.

There’s at least one intelligent soul who doesn’t see the allure of this reboot trend. That said, give him another ten years.

Here’s the Dawson’s Creek reunion we were promised. While there is no reboot with the original cast planned, Williamson is open to a “reimagining” by someone else.

Here’s the newest The Handmaid’s Tale trailer. It’s intense:

I am one of the few people who watches both of these shows, and I agree: mind blown.

The TV Academy is allowing a bunch more people to join their ranks.

A former Disney Channel star, Caroline Sunshine, is joining the White House press team. OH HONEY NO.

What is going on with you, Corey Feldman? Are you OK? Do you need a nap?

Hide your dancers, Abby Lee Miller is out of prison.

Congratulations to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actress Terry Farrell and Leonard Nimoy’s son, Adam, for a marriage that is not sorta weird at all.


The Los Angeles District Attorney has confirmed that Ed Westwick is under investigation for rape.

Morgan Spurlock is being sued by Turner for leaving the projects he had been working on with them after outing himself as being a harasser.

NBC fired affiliate-marketing chief Scot Chastain following a misconduct investigation.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences concluded their investigation of President John Bailey and cleared him of misconduct allegations.

Meet the one man who is still defending Harvey Weinstein.

Outlander claims it plans to deal with all its rapeyness in a respectful manner in season four but this is me rolling my eyeballs.

The UK’s Channel 5 did its own gender pay gap study and the results were interesting: women earned 2.85% more than men, but men took home 21.3% more in bonuses.

More about this amazing video here.



Big day for action series:


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