Annnnnnnnnnd we’re back, now with 100% more Nathan Fillion

HELLLLLLO! I am back after a week+ vacation with my family to California for some sightseeing, college visits and some skiing in a blizzard. While I didn’t do much work, work still managed to find me: during our visit to Hollywood Boulevard and Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the entire block was shut down to traffic to shoot a scene for an upcoming pilot, The Rookie, starring Nathan Fillion, which is based on the true story of the oldest rookie in the LAPD.

While we were checking out the Hollywood stars (and deliberately ignoring one President Reality Star’s), we were hustled back from the edge of the street by very cantankerous production assistants so they could shoot a chase scene in which Nathan Fillion and some other cop chase a man in unfortunate pants through traffic and up onto the sidewalk where we were standing.

This is the only photo I took, moments before the chase began. I did not take a photo of the aftermath of the chase when Nathan Fillion was standing DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME because I am an idiot and would never make it as a photojournalist. Note: Nathan Fillion is still very handsome.

Anyway, when The Rookie finally debuts this fall, know that I was standing RIGHT THERE when Nathan Fillion chases the crazy-looking man in the plaid pants through traffic  and up towards the sidewalk (where I suspect crazy-pants man probably gets away, and then there is a whole “is Nathan Fillion too old for this job?” part of the story, but that’s just a guess.)

We also swung by the Scientology Celebrity Center so that my teen son could take an ironic photo in front of it (he has the same weird obsession with cults that his mother does, go figure) on the same day that Scientology announced that they were launching their own network. COINCIDENCE?

ABC pulled an episode of black-ish because it included a debate on the issue of athletes taking a knee during the National Anthem, which is some straight-up bullshit. This is what this show is designed for: to present to the rest of America these conversations that African-Americans are having within their own community. BOOOOO, ABC, BOOOO. Meanwhile, Jordan Peele praised black-ish‘s Get Out parody.

We have a Season 8 American Horror Story subtitle: “Radioactive.” HMMM. Remember, Murphy said in an interview that the season will take place in the future: “It’s still topical, but [set in] the future, which I’ve never done… I think people will like it. It’s different from what we’ve done before.”

In case you were wondering what Ned Stark was saying right before he was SPOILER ALERT FOR THE TWO PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WHO DON’T KNOW THIS YET beheaded, it was exactly what you think it was.

If you are curious about in Amazon’s viewership numbers, we have some info now, and it’s interesting. Is this a sustainable model? Especially when they’re talking about spending this much on Lord of the Rings?

Saturday Night Live is accused of being homophobic and stealing jokes. In other news, water is wet.

Here are a bunch of Westworld pictures for you. And here is a description of the Westworld attraction that you didn’t get to go to at SXSW. 

If you were looking for an explanation for what happened on Legion last season, this isn’t it.

Fascinating: Christopher Eccleston claims he was “blacklisted” by the BBC after Doctor Who, and it was because of an accent?

There are few things I enjoy as much as reading Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s thoughts on The Bachelor, in all honesty.

Wardrobe “malfunction” and not “deliberate attempt to take attention away from the Countess Luann.” OK.

Steve Baldikoski and Bryan Behar have been named the new showrunners of Fuller House, after the creator of the show had to leave for being gross. Congratulations, guys! Also, somehow I am Facebook friends with Bryan Behar, but I’m not sure how that happened?

CNN is moving Chris Cuomo to primetime, stripping Anderson Cooper of one of his hours. So who will replace him in the morning?

Syfy’s Nightflyers has already lost its showrunner.

Family Guy did a thing last night.

Black Panther is going to host Saturday Night Live.


Love is dead.


Get better soon, Bret McKenzie!

One last Nathan Fillion note: He’s going to reunite with NPH in A Series of Unfortunate Events, yay!

Time’s Up

Famous women who have been harassed or screwed over:

Jennifer Lopez

Maria Bartiromo

Wonder Woman

Rachel Bloom

Claire Foy

A famous woman who says she hasn’t been harassed, but whose comments about being “powerful” and how she wasn’t “like those pretty girls with those nice little noses. Maybe that’s why” she wasn’t harassed doesn’t actually do anyone any favors BECAUSE THAT’S NOT HOW ANY OF THIS WORKS, BARBRA:

Barbra Streisand

Famous (“famous”) people who have been accused of harassing:

Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences President John Bailey

Atomic Blonde producer David Guillod

Actor Michael Coleman

Former CAA agent Cameron Mitchell

Mediaite writer Lawrence Bonk

Santa Fe International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees boss John Hendry

Katy Perry

The Duffer Brothers:

They’re sorry. Kinda.

People who need to sit down and think a little bit harder about all of this before they go running their mouths in public:

Kathie Lee Gifford

HBO’s Senior Vice President of Drama Francesca Orsi

Terry Gilliam

People who are making things better:

Paul Feig

Michael Caine

Khary Payton

Time’s Up (kinda obviously)

People I have a hard time worrying about:

Aziz Ansari

Billy Bush



In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendar


Stephen Hawking, Supergenius. Reportedly, his only request when he appeared on The Simpsons was to not be depicted as drunk.

Bill Brady, CBS News director

Michael Gershman, Cinematographer

Nokie Edwards, Hawaii Five-0 guitarist

Brandon Davis, HGTV producer

Robert Scheerer, TV musicals director

Merritt Blake, Talent agent

Ken Dodd, British comedian


Arthur Miller: Writer: English majors, ALERT! Arthur Miller’s daughter presents this portrait of her father, the legendary American playwright. Premiere. 7:30 p.m., HBO

Epic Warrior Women: This new series, narrated by Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, explores badass warrior women throughout history. Series premiere. 7 p.m., Smithsonian

American Psycho: I love this movie, and am glad that people finally understand it for the satire that it is. Now, how about some love for its sibling movie, Rules of Attraction7:50 p.m., MoreMax West

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