Late Night reckons with the potential Donald Trump dick pics

Seth Meyers has some very vivid ideas on what Donald Trump’s dick pics look like. Only press play if you have a strong stomach.

Seth Meyers also knows what Trump’s defense will be if the pics ever get out: “FAKE NUDES!”

Stephen Colbert is pretty sure Dummy Jr. will be the one to release the dick pics:

James Corden can’t even think about naked pictures of Donald Trump:

Jimmy Fallon: “But today, Stormy Daniels’s lawyer said that she is free to talk about her sexual relationship with Trump. Americans are like, ‘Great, just not while we’re eating.’”

Jimmy Kimmel offers to have Trump and Stormy on his show together, because he’s still rooting for those crazy kids:

Conan notes that it’s almost as if we DID elect a Clinton:

The Daily Show declares, “NO CHAOS! NO CHAOS! YOU’RE THE CHAOS!”

Samantha Bee suggests to NRA members that if they “want to be a part of something small and universally disrespected,” they should join Scientology:

Colbert also has some criticisms of Ted Cruz’s dumb novelty song:

The Opposition explores how liberals are ruining dating for assholes:

Samantha Bee also points out that most mass killers aren’t crazy, they’re just Alt-Right, women-hating shit for brains. Gee, why wouldn’t people want to date these guys again?:

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