Late Night gives Trump’s “Fake News Awards” exactly as much reverence as they deserve.

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper brought the Fake News Awards to the Washington Post:

Jimmy Kimmel had the fake Wolf Blitzer on to accept Trump’s fake news award:

James Corden notes that only Trump would put a photo of himself next to a 404 Error:

On an important non-Trump note: Samantha Bee demands that men who say they are feminists need to fuck like feminists. THIS. THIS ALL DAMN DAY LONG.

Seth Meyers knows how to get Trump to cooperate with anything, and all it takes is one quick trip to CVS and some Starbursts:

Stephen Colbert has some suggestions for book titles if you want to gain access to the White House like Michael Wolff, including, “Big President Smart Man: The Goodening of the White House from How It was Bad Before.”

Jimmy Fallon got his hands on Trump’s cognitive test:

The Daily Show takes apart the DHS Secretary’s testimony before the Senate:

Samantha Bee investigates: Is this Racist Racist?

Conan knows what Melania wears to bed:

Jimmy Kimmel has the porn that Trump doesn’t want you to see:

Speaking of, Stephen Colbert has the details of the Trump/Stormy Daniels affair, and you’re going to want to keep something to vomit in nearby:

Seth Meyers knows what the Fire & Fury TV show is going to be called:

Trevor Noah knows how Trump has pulled off a clean bill of health:

Conan has Trump’s doctor’s TV ad:

Stephen Colbert has the video from Trump’s endoscopy:

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