Late night contemplates President Oprah and how Troog is, like, really smart

Stephen Colbert would like to give Oprah an award for accepting an award and welcomes a president who is actually a billionaire and actually a TV star.

Jimmy Kimmel is pretty sure “President” would be a demotion for Oprah.

Jimmy Fallon notes that the “J” in Donald J. Trump stands for Jenius.

James Corden contemplates all things President Oprah would give away, and discusses the difference between “consequential” and “consensual,” suggesting that if Trump doesn’t know the difference, he should ask the 19 women who have accused him of sexual harassment. BURN.:

Trevor Noah asks: “Do you know how delusionally confident and un-self-aware you have to be to go on Twitter and declare yourself a stable genius?”

The Opposition scares itself into the truth about Robert Mueller’s “coup.”

Stephen Colbert also reveled in Jake Tapper’s takedown of that obsequious factotum, Stephen Miller:

The Daily Show created a “For Your Consideration” ad for the Fakies, attacking Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee. I can’t wait to see how the President subverts the First Amendment tomorrow!

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