#MeToo and why I’ll never shut up about it.

Time Magazine named the silence breakers of the #MeToo movement the people of the year.

You know, every single morning I question whether to continue including these stories on this insignificant little TV blog of mine. This entire story — this sexual harassment reckoning we are going through right now — is only tangentially related to television news, and it’s a bummer and it’s emotionally exhausting. As someone who has been assaulted and harassed (albeit in minor fashions compared to so many others) it’s emotionally exhausting to sort through these stories every day. It weighs on me. So I certainly can’t blame you for just scrolling right past all of it.

But the only way any of this ever changes is if we talk about it, and allow each and every victim to come forward without fear of being dismissed. The only way any of this changes is if we ignore the voices asking if we’ve gone too far or if we are blowing things out of proportion or if enough isn’t enough already. That’s just the status quo speaking, and the status quo is becoming increasingly uncomfortable every day this story continues because every day this story continues it threatens to dismantle the status quo. And let’s be clear, the status quo is patriarchal and violent and sexist as fuck.

And so I will continue posting these stories as long as they come out. It’s tiresome, sometimes boring, sometimes painful, often repetitive. But I will continue posting them because the only way #MeToo has any real power is if we tell these stories, if we repeat them, if we scream them into the universe over and over again. It’s not much, but it’s all I can do.

The New York Times released a long and revealing report on Harvey Weinstein’s “complicity machine,” exposing all the agents, managers, lawyers, journalists and gossip columnists, politicians, and executives who in their own ways helped to silence his victims. It’s dark and powerful and important and it is what systemic sexism looks like. CAA has issued a formal apology in response. I doubt that will be enough to avoid the inevitable lawsuits.

In fact, six women have just sued Harvey Weinstein and have accused him of civil racketeering.

Ugh, there’s been another Al Franken accuser. He’s denying it. Hey, Al? You’re becoming a millstone, dude. Every time conservatives are asked about Roy Moore, you know whose name they bring up? Maybe it’s time to think about getting out of the way. These colleagues of yours certainly think it is.

NBC’s Bob Costas’ replacement for the upcoming Winter Olympics is Mike Tirico — a man who had been suspended by ESPN for allegations of sexual harassment. As of now, NBC is sticking with him, but should they?

A woman claiming to have once been her best friend has accused The Voice singer Melanie Martinez of sexually assaulting her. Martinez denies the story.

Terry Crews is suing WME and agent Adam Venit for sexual assault. He also points this out about Dustin Hoffman who some people are falling all over themselves to defend right now:

Vanity Fair canceled an event celebrating photographer Bruce Weber after allegations against him emerged.

Richard Zoglin, the author of the 60 Minutes 50th anniversary book, has been removed from the project because he was asking too many questions about workplace sexism on the show. HMMM.

The Matt Lauer mess has been a boon for The Today Show‘s ratings.

I’m not saying this has anything to do with anything, but Lionsgate will not be releasing the Gotti biopic starring John Travolta — even though it was scheduled to premiere in 9 days. And I am not pointing out that Travolta was sued by two men back in 2012 for sexual battery and saying that there might be other accusers out there which might have scared Lionsgate off. I am not suggesting any of these things. Here’s the official story, but I guess we’ll have to wait until May to know the truth.

Hey, Michael Rapaport and Alec Baldwin? You’re wrong.

In Other TV News

Ever wonder how This is Us managed to perfectly cast multiple generations for those flashbacks? Yeah, it wasn’t easy. (Well, with the exception of young William who might be a time traveler. Prove that he’s not.)

The Critics Choice Award nominees are out and it looks like it is going to be a big year for Netflix.

We have the first look at Wayward Sisters, the upcoming Supernatural spinoff, and it’s what you think it is.

Westworld and S.W.A.T. had to halt production due to the horrific fast-moving wildfires in Southern California. And now the glorious Getty Center is threatened.

Disney is creeping ever closer to buying Fox’s movie and TV businesses.

Reminder: Broad City has its finale tonight. Here they discuss how they were forced to change a Trump-related joke for legal reasons.

The guy who played Stannis does not give one fuck about Game of Thrones, thanks.

Here are some more gift suggestions for the TV lover in your life.

Bye, Felicia.

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