Tracee Ellis Ross explains sexual harassment in the simplest terms possible and the rest of the best of late night

Filling in for Jimmy Kimmel, Tracee Ellis Ross used her platform to explain to men in the most basic way how to treat people with respect BECAUSE APPARENTLY, IT’S REALLY DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND IF YOU HAVE A Y CHROMOSOME.

Speaking of men who don’t know how to keep their hands to themselves … so the GOP changed their minds about Roy Moore in recent days: Trump endorsed him full-throatedly, the RNC — after having pulled their support — has returned and donated money to his campaign and Mitch McConnell has walked back his condemnation of the kiddie-groping candidate. And Stephen Colbert is here to point out the complete lunacy of all of this:

Patton Oswalt Roy Moore tries out some new campaign slogans on Jimmy Fallon:

Trevor Noah says that the people of Alabama are caught in a real Catch-14.

In non-Roy Moore news, Seth Meyers reminds us that Rick Perry, the man in charge of our nuclear arsenal, is a complete moron.

James Corden, asking the important questions: what the fuck is Omarosa doing in the White House? No, but really.

James Corden also made his American audience uncomfortable in his monologue:

Conan found some more hand-written additions to the GOP’s tax bill:

The Opposition‘s Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp go undercover at ASU to ask the questions no one else is asking because they’re stupid:

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