How late night handled Mike Flynn’s big news and everything else you missed last night

Mike Flynn’s guilty plea and Trump’s “sloppy and unfortunate” response on Twitter — AND YES, IT WAS DONALD TRUMP WHO TWEETED THAT, WE ALL KNOW IT — was an early Christmas present for Stephen Colbert:

Stephen Colbert also has a new name for the GOP’s tax bill: “The Billionaire Stroke-Job Act.”

Jimmy Fallon pulled out his Bruce Springsteen impersonation to sing a rousing rendition of “Robert Mueller’s Comin’ to Town.”

OH! And also, J.J. Watt was one of his guests last night. Watt sang the praises of the Houston Astros and José Altuve, and read a letter Altuve wrote to him after the World Series win:

Seth Meyers points out that Donald Trump actually said the truth for a damn change when he said to members of the Coast Guard: “You never know about an ally, they can turn. You’re gonna find that out.” Indeed, Donald. Indeed.

Trevor Noah is so happy that the GOP is finally giving America’s neediest millionaires a break:

And I am pretty sure the German word for “Mike Flynn Yule Log” is “Schauenfreude.”

James Corden suggests that if the White House is going to lie, they should go with something more believable than “the lawyer did it.”

In which the Elf on the Shelf becomes James Corden’s worst nightmare:

Chris Pratt filled in for Jimmy Kimmel last night, and as part of the monologue, he and Chris Stapleton sung “I Had the Time of My Life” for some reason.

The Opposition wants to know about Hillary Clinton lying about the FBI. YEAH, WHAT ABOUT THAT?

And this isn’t ha-ha funny, but here’s Dan Rather on Conan reminding us that THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

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