Amazon just placed a $250 million bet that ‘Lord of the Rings’ will be your new ‘Game of Thrones’

Amazon wants Lord of the Rings to be your new Game of Thrones (which was itself kinda sorta you new Lord of the Rings). While the deal is for multiple seasons and potential spinoffs, it cost $250 million in licensing fees — meaning, BEFORE PRODUCTION — so Amazon is really betting the bank here that this is going to be the next big thing. (Of course, Amazon also paid Woody Allen $80 million for a six-episode series that went absolutely nowhere, so they’re not exactly known for their frugality.)

The series is supposed to explore new storylines that take place before Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring, but some wonder how much story could possibly be left to tell that hadn’t been covered by Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies.

Here’s one idea:

Certainly not unrelated, Amazon is looking into an advertisement-supported version of Prime that would be free. Everything old is new again.

It’s totally Betty’s dad.

Sean Hannity would like you to stop smashing your Keurig’s, please.

RT has finally, FINALLY, registered as a foreign agent. I mean, everyone here knows that RT is just Russian propaganda, right? RIGHT?

This Will Never End

Mark Schwahn, the current showrunner of The Royals, has been accused by the cast and crew of One Tree Hill of sexual harassment in an open letter.

Stephen Amell is happy to come forward to speak about the sexual harassment allegations against his showrunner, Andrew Kreisberg, if anyone needs him to.

Tom Sizemore is a fucking creep.

Elizabeth Perkins has just publicly dragged James Woods.

Dave Becky is really sorry for defending his client Louis C.K.. It didn’t stop Pamela Adlon from firing his ass.

Lena Headey is my kind of girl:

“Narcissistic cock soup.”

jon stewart kiss delicious perfect

Speaking of Jon Stewart, he’s doing his own reckoning.

Marc Maron claims that he asked Louis C.K. about the allegations against him and Louis C.K. lied to his face. OK.

Daisy Goodwin, a writer on the British series Victoria, claims she was groped by an official when she visited 10 Downing Street.

The stink of Harvey Weinstein has spread to Kenneth Cole.

This is fascinating: Spy Magazine reported on James Toback and his grossness IN 1989.


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