So how much money did Stephen Colbert’s #PuberMe campaign raise for hurricane relief?

Stephen Colbert has spent the week promising to donate $1,000 to Puerto Rico from his AmeriCone Dream fund for every awkward puberty photo a celebrity posted onto Twitter. Last night, with help from Nick Kroll, CBS and Lin-Manuel Miranda, he revealed how much money they raised: $1 million dollars.

Here are some ways you can help Puerto Rico:

Unidos por Puerto Rico

Global Giving



Save the Children

Team Rubicon

And here is a quick look at all those celebrity photos:

Seth Meyers on Morongate: “Man, to think a guy is a moron and then publicly be forced to say he’s smart … I guess when your name is Rex, you’re going to be good at rolling over.”

Jimmy Kimmel points out that “no breathing human on Earth creates more fake news than Donald Trump.” That’s Real News.

If you think calling Jimmy Kimmel a woman because he has human emotions over children losing health care and people dying from gun violence is insulting, you’re a fucking dipshit on many, many levels.

Stephen Colbert calls Trump a “verified moron” and reveals he knows as much about football as I do.

“He wants to brush people into a corner where he can shine his feeble, fucking anemic firefly of a soul.” Tell us how you really feel about Trump, Stephen!

James Corden high fives NBC for their clarification on the “fucking moron” business.

Trevor Noah introduces us to Tim Murphy, hypocritical Congressional asshole.

Conan and Kumail Nanjiani team up for a delightful round of “Clueless Gamer”:

Here Samantha Bee explains how our fucked up health care system became so fucked up:

Fact: Trevor Noah’s behind the scenes clips are so more interesting and insightful than his actual scripted bits:

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