Trump went to Puerto Rico and late night was not impressed

Stephen Colbert marvels at Trump Trump-splaining the disaster in Puerto Rico to the Puerto Ricans:

Jimmy Kimmel on trump’s response to Trump’s comments in Puerto Rico: “He really puts the ass in ‘compassion.'”

Trump visited Puerto Rico yesterday and Seth Meyers just … he can’t.

James Corden is outraged by Trump telling hurricane victims to have a good time. Look, James, that’s just his go-to expression during a hurricane, as any Houstonian could tell you.

“Today Trump went to Puerto Rico to survey the damage done by the hurricane, and Mike Pence will go there tomorrow to survey the damage done by the president.”

Trevor Noah enjoys watching the dummies at Fox News try to wrap their heads around the fact that the Las Vegas shooting was perpetrated by an old white guy.

As for Las Vegas, Colbert reminds us that these G.O.P. fuckers want to legalize silencers.

Finally, Jimmy Kimmel had a brief, but perfect word for those who attacked him for speaking out against gun violence:

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