Here are late night’s emotional pleas that something — anything — be done about gun violence, for fuck’s sake

Jimmy Kimmel was the most emotional host last night, choking up over the tragedy that took place in his hometown. Kimmel, who has become our most unlikely statesman in recent months, then drags the 56 senators who days after the Orlando Pulse massacre voted against a bill that would have kept the mentally ill from being able to buy guns and required background checks for gun show purchases. Fuck all of those guys. Please, America, let’s vote these bums out once and for all.

Conan laments that he has an entire folder dedicated to his statements after mass shootings, and insists that this can not be the new normal.

Stephen Colbert hopes that maybe Trump will be able to do something — anything — about gun violence, when his two predecessors were not. Who knows, maybe pointing out that Obama wasn’t able to do anything will make Trump more determined to do something. (But I doubt it.)

Seth Meyers just wants Congress to tell us that they are never going to do anything about gun violence. Just admit it!

Trevor Noah demands to know if this isn’t the time to talk about guns when is? He also refuses to give the victims “thoughts and prayers,” instead telling them that he is sorry that there are people who put guns ahead of their lives.

James Corden points out to those who say it’s too early to discuss gun control, that for the victims, it’s far too late.

Jimmy Fallon opened The Tonight Show with a Miley Cyrus/Adam Sandler duet.
Wait, what?

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