Jimmy Kimmel dances on the grave of the health care bill and the rest of the best of late night.

The most recent health care bill officially shall not pass, and Jimmy Kimmel hasn’t been this happy to see something die since Osama Bin Laden. Jimmy then lashes out at Trump for lashing out at McCain for changing his mind on repeal and replace with a glorious collection of Trump’s biggest flip-flops:

Seth Meyers yells at Trump about Puerto Rico in this “Hey!” segment. Real question: do you think Trump even knew that Puerto Rico was part of the United States before Hurricane Maria hit?

In response to Trump’s dumb tweet about the crowds booing the Dallas Cowboys, Stephen Colbert demonstrates what real booing sounds like:

Trevor Noah has decided that if the Trumpsters are going to use private email accounts, Hillary Clinton gets to do Trump stuff, too, like “grabbing dudes by the dick.”

Jimmy Fallon talks to Hillary herself about the email scandal:

James Corden notes that Hillary Clinton was hospitalized after rolling her eyes so hard at the email story that she threw her back out.

Stephen Colbert takes a look at the GOP’s newest candidate in the Alabama senatorial race: Crazy Judge Roy Moore.

Larry David turned Late Night with Seth Meyers into an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

No, you’re crying.

Conan drives around London with Tom Cruise. That’s it. They just drive.

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