‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ was introduced to critics this weekend and it sounds like it was a glorious shitshow.

ABC had the final spot at the TCAs last week:

The Marvel’s Inhumans panel and it went hilariously sideways. They are going to premiere the show at IMAX theaters a couple of weeks before it airs for free on TV, but they couldn’t say how much the IMAX screenings would cost. They tried to defend the terrible Medusa wig by saying, “If we only did things that were perfect, we would never start.” They had to explain to the critics who had just watched the episode what a certain character’s powers were. Anson Mount compared himself to Sad Ben Affleck. They begged the critics to reserve judgment because it wasn’t finished yet and then they ended the panel early. Read the critics’ hilarious twitter responses here.

rupaul cheap wig drag race.gif

Modern Family will (probably) end after its 10th season (last season was its 8th), and it will end with a “big family event.” Any guesses? (Hayley having a baby.)

Roseanne is going to pretend that Dan’s death in the previous finale never happened, which apparently is a whole trend now, and they are still in talks with Johnny Galecki.

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World recast Cristela Alonzo’s angel role with the wonderful Kimberly Hebert Gregory from Vice Principals, and now they are going to have a very difficult needle to thread to avoid the magical negro trope. Good luck!

We learn that the difference between the doctor in The Good Doctor and Dr. House in House is that Dr. House was cynical. So basically they took all the fun parts out of House and what was left is The Good Doctor. Sounds great.

Designated Survivor is going to be “more grounded” next season. BOO. I WANT MORE TWISTS.

The Mayor is going to try to be inspirational rather than satirical in the Age of Trump.

Speaking of politics, the cancellation of Last Man Standing had nothing to do with Tim Allen’s affection for Donald Trump, ABC swears.

The Once Upon a Time reboot promises to not undo anyone’s happy endings. Here are some new pictures of the series.

Scandal’s final season will feature a power struggle between Olivia and Mellie, but other than that none of the actors know what is coming.

ABC claims they are going to tighten up their vetting process for The Bachelor franchises following the Lee debacle. I still insist that casting him was never a mistake, he didn’t just slip through the cracks. They also claim they will handle the whole Bachelor in Paradise debacle “tastefully.” OK.

It’s already aired, but I made a slideshow of terrible Syfy movies in honor of Sharknado 5′s debut last night.

I’ve been trying to stay neutral on the Confederate controversy, mostly because I don’t want to criticize a work before it’s been created, in part because I trust that Benioff and Weiss have made a good faith effort to bring in African-American voices with the addition of their writing and producing partners, the Spellmans. But Ta-Nehisi Coates writes a great piece in The Atlantic arguing against giving Confederate a chance, stating: “…we cannot fix the lie by asking ‘What if the white South won?’ and waiting for an answer, because the lie is not in the answer, but in the question itself.”

The Emmys revoked This is Us‘ nomination for costume design. It turns out there are two different categories in costume: contemporary and period or fantasy. This is Us submitted the “Moonshadow” episode for contemporary, when most of it took place in the past. In related news, I learned something about Emmy procedures today.

Speaking of This is Us, the post-Super Bowl will not be a stand-alone episode, somehow.

Sounds like the Supernatural producers have learned their lesson about spinoffs: make it more like Supernatural, not less. How hard is that, though?

Daniel Dae-Kim has made his first statement about the Hawaii Five-0 foofaraw.

Carrie Coon is interviewed by Damon Lindelof and they talk about how bummed they are by the Emmy noms. Fortunately, Coon received a little love from the Television Critics Association on Saturday and won for Individual Achievement in Drama. Here are some of the program winners.

ABC is going to reair the first episode of The View on Friday in honor of the show’s 20th anniversary.

Congratulations, Carly and Evan!

Get well soon, Jeremy Clarkson.


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  1. “Modern Family will (probably) end after its 10th season (last season was its 8th), and it will end with a “big family event.” Any guesses? (Hayley having a baby.)”

    They go total left field and Jay dies. It’s his funeral. Terrible finale that lives forever in infamy.

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