Late night hilariously responds to Trump’s dumbfuck military trans ban

James Corden’s song response to Trump’s hateful military trans ban is so genuine that actually made me tear up a little.

Jimmy Fallon invited a transgender comedian to address this whole mess on The Tonight Show:

Trevor Noah reminds us that while transgender medical costs are at most around $8.4 million a year, it will cost the taxpayers around $60 million A YEAR so that Trump can visit his own properties. SUCH DUMBFUCKERY.

And Stephen Colbert reminds us that Trump, who wants to kick people out of the military who volunteered to be there, avoided serving in Vietnam because his foot had an ouchie.

Seth Meyers’ female writers respond to Trump’s ban by mocking Ivanka, the bone spurs in his “weiner” and his inability to even win a Twitter war. Go get ’em, ladies.

And in non-dumbfuck transgender military policy news, Samantha Bee caught up with Trump’s “growing taint.”

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