‘Game of Thrones’ best sex scene, worst theory, and a confirmation of what everyone already knows. (Except Jon Snow. He knows nothing.)

Game of Thrones is only 4 days away, my baby dragons!

Here is a long interview with Benioff and Weiss in which they discuss the challenges of creating a show that hasn’t been written yet. YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE, MARTIN. Also, we learn that they learned about Hodor’s story back between seasons 2 and 3. Can you imagine sitting on that?

And here a writer discusses some story challenges: namely dragons and not having characters recapping the events on the series.

Here, HBO president of programming talks about the final seasons, and contradicts the rumor that George R.R. Martin put out there that there are five prequels in the works. He claims there are only four. In good news, he doesn’t dismiss the idea that all four could move forward.

A reminder that Nina Gold, the casting director for the series, is a motherfucking genius.

Speaking of brilliant casting, Gwendoline Christie: “Christie has her own hopes for Brienne. If she had her way, the battle-weary white knight would ride alone into the Westeros sunset, squire Podrick following closely behind. Any particular destination or future? I ask. She ponders. Perhaps her ancestral home, Christie says finally, and ‘a Brienne of Tarth’s Finishing School for Unconventional Young Ladies.'” A fan can hope.

Isaac Hempstead-Wright has declared Bran as the Night King’s “arch enemy.” Which is cool! Now, if only someone would confirm that Bran is also Bran the Builder…

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau just confirmed R + L = J in the worst-kept secret in all of Westeros.

Emilia Clarke thanked the writers for this sex scene. She’s not the only one, amirite?

Kit Harington has been doing all of the press this week:

Kit Harington discusses the meeting we all know is going to happen: Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. The only real question is how long does it take for them to get it on?

Kit Harington thinks that Jon Snow is a “bit of a psychopath.” Have you even met any of the other characters on this show? You know nothing, Kit Harington.

Kit Harington’s least favorite theory? That all of A Song of Ice and Fire is a dream Ghost is having. I dunno, I kind of love it.

Harington is also claiming that the producers filmed fake scenes to throw people off. Unless … this is a fake story designed to throw us off of REAL spoilers …

This is a good piece on the many religions on Game of Thrones.

Here’s the perfect beer to enjoy with this season of Game of Thrones.

We don’t know when the books will be published, but we do know a remarkable amount of what will be in The Winds of Winter.

We have an entirely anticlimactic first picture from The Walking Dead, season whatever.

Here is a good collection of everything we know about the upcoming season of American Horror Story. Here’s what I know about the upcoming season of American Horror Story: I will love the first two or three episodes and then the show will spin completely out of control and I will grow angry and frustrated with it.

That Donald Trump didn’t choose who was fired on The Celebrity Apprentice isn’t the funniest part of this story, it’s the fake telephone. Also, that it’s Clay Aiken who is dishing this up.

Outlander is returning on September 10, and it will entirely consist of Jamie and Claire pressing their faces against a rock apparently.

This person is waaaaaay overthinking a single production photo from the set of This Is Us.

Lucy Liu is going to direct some of Luke Cage. OK.

Homeland is moving its operation to Richmond, Virginia and I expect regular cast sightings from Foolish Watcher’s Supernatural expert, Whitney.

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., the winner of America’s Got Talent in 2011, was arrested for attacking his girlfriend with a golf club.

And in more bad America’s Got Talent news: So The Willis Family was a reality show on TLC that was about a Christian family band who competed on America’s Got Talent this one time. Anyway, the father just pled guilty to child rape. Gross, so gross, and not surprising in the least.

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