‘Fear the Walking Dead’: Lost … and found

Fear the Walking Dead
April 24, 2016

Before we get started, if you haven’t already watched Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462, take 15 minutes and watch it now. Zombies + planes = NIGHTMARE FUEL.

Caught up? Great. So the chick who seemed to know AN AWFUL LOT about how all this zombie stuff works — what’s up with that anyway? — her name is Alex, and she, and her knitting buddy Jake, manage to survive the plane crash. But Jake’s not unscathed, and in fact has suffered what appear to be some pretty terrible face burns. Alex manages to haul Jake to a life raft where they are pulled to safety by three guys, hooray! But then one of the guys notices that one of the other guys has been bit and without hesitation bops him in the head with an oar, knocking him into the sea, where he will become a water zombie. Bye, Other Dude! We hardly knew ye!

Sometime later, days even, presumably, Alex checks on Jake’s face burns and unsurprisingly, they don’t look great.

not great bob

Oary is itching to oar him some burnt teenager over the side of the raft, but Alex and Other Guy, let’s call him Stripey, manage to hold him off.

However, that night while Alex and Burnt Jake sleep, Oary returns to Plan A: Oar Burnt Jake to death. But he doesn’t count on Alex having some sort of stabby weapon on her (the other knitting needle mayhaps? although that seems like a risky thing to bring along on a raft trip….) and the point (PUN!) is, she stabs Oary before he can oar Burnt Jake, and she and Stripey throw him overboard.

Later, Stripey argues that they need to try to paddle to shore, but Alex worries that Burnt Jake is too weak and would never make it past the beach. Stripey is like, “Yeah, about that, maybe we should think about losing the burnt weight already,” and Burnt Jake is all, “DO IT. KILL ME. I’M IN EXCRUCIATING FACE PAIN.”

Fun boat trip!

Speaking of fun boats, Strand is doing his mysterious Strand thing, calling someone on his satellite phone and promising them that he’s coming before the call is cut off.

Somewhere below deck, Travis and Madison are in bed about to make the sexytimes when suddenly the boat’s engine loudly proclaims, “I’M DYING. THIS IS ME DYING NOW.”

The grown-ups convene on deck and Travis announces that there must be something blocking the intake, the only way to clear it is to go under the boat. “Get your scuba gear on, then,” Strand instructs Travis, but Madison is not having it, insisting it can wait until daylight. But Travis is like, “Eh, give me a flashlight, I’ll do it.” Because what could go wrong with a nighttime swim in an ocean full of mer-zombies?

And in fact, once Travis goes under, he quickly finds what’s blocking the intake: it’s Stripey, whose whinging Alex apparently grew weary of, and is now shoulder deep in the boat’s intake. So that’s going to be a trick to remove.

Back inside the boat, Travis clears a filter of some gross smelly sludge, and explains to Strand that to get the boat up and running again he’s going to have to go back under the boat, kill a zombie, rebuild a carburetor, and unclog the system, all of which is going to take the better part of a day. Strand is not pleased, but maybe he should have thought about that when he drove his boat over Stripey.

Meanwhile, Señorita Barber’s gunshot wound is looking not great.

not great bob

When she tells her worrying father that she’ll just ask Madison for some stronger medicine, he is like, “NO, DIOS MIO. NEVER SHOW WEAKNESS.”

Outside on the deck, Awful Teenage Daughter points out to her mother that there is a bunch of luggage strewn across the beach, and that maybe they could go do a little looting while Travis is busy killing boat zombies and rebuilding carburetors. The other teenagers are like, “YEAH! FIELD TRIP!” Madison and Travis are like, “NOPE,” for all of about a hot second until they’re like, “Fine. But you’re taking Señor Barber with you.”

As they are loading up in the zodiac, Madison asks the kids to bring back sweaters and jackets, only to have Señor Barber whisper to her that they won’t be needing sweaters in Mexico, which is where Capitán Strand is planning on taking them. Madison is all, “Mexidowhatnow?” “Yo no sé,” Senñor Barber replies, “Yo think you should ask Capitán.”

So the zodiac pulls up on shore, where they discover the Lost crash site sans the plucky survivors with mysterious backstories. Señor Barber instructs the kids to fill their bags as quickly as possible, and meet back on the boat before the Others discover them or they are dragged into an underground hatch by a crazy Scot who forces them to reset a 70s-era computer every 108 minutes.

But as soon as Señor Barber has his back turned, Awful Chris wanders off into the sand dunes, deliberately out of his chaperone’s line of sight.

worst idea yet ahs

Teenagers are the worst.

Awful Chris finds a giant four-toed foot part of the fuselage, and decides to wander inside because why not, right? To his credit, before entering, he does grab a chunk of plane to use as a weapon, so he’s not completely inept. Inside, he finds a zombie strapped into his seat, oxygen mask still in place, and Awful Chris is all, “LOL.” But then, a man behind oxygen zombie awakens, crushed under wreckage and begs for help.

Wait, how long ago did the plane crash?

~consults Fear the Walking Dead timeline~

NOPE. According to the timeline on The Walking Dead wiki, Flight 462 crashed on Day 4, and it is now Day 19. The human body can go without food for three weeks, but it can only go without water for 3 DAYS.





Anyway, the point is, Awful Chris helps this miracle of a man who can live for more than two weeks without water get out of his seat, only to realize that Miracle Man’s spine is poking out the back of his shirt.


Awful Chris tries to give the man some water to drink because, you know, he hasn’t had any in 15 days. But Miracle Man refuses, asking again for help. So Awful Chris picks up his makeshift weapon, and with Miracle Man’s implicit permission, bashes his head in.

Fun beach trip!

Meanwhile, Señor Barber is digging around in suitcases looking for medicine for Señorita, when Nick comes over and is like, “Let a professional handle this.” Which is when Señor finally looks around and is like, “Wait un momento, has anyone seen Awful Chris?” YOU HAD ONE JOB, SEÑOR CHAPERONE. He instructs Nick to stay with Awful Teenage Daughter while he goes to find Awful Teenage Son. Sure. I’m sure they’ll stick together and there will be zero problems.

And in fact, Awful Teenage Daughter finds Nick, and announces that they need to get a move on. But as soon as they start heading back to the zodiac, Nick gets distracted by a suitcase that contains some Amoxicillin. He is then further distracted by a zombie in a sand pit being eaten by crabs. But instead of being like, “Well, I don’t want to be anywhere near this zombie being eaten by crabs in a sand pit,” Nick manages to fall into the sand pit with the zombie being eaten by crabs because of course he does. Nick kills the sand pit zombie, only to have another zombie come fall into the sand pit, probably because he heard they had a great special on crabs.

Meanwhile, while looking for Awful Chris, Señor Barber finds instead our plane crash survivor and series’ new badass, Alex, being followed by dozens of her zombie friends. “RUN!” she yells, as though she needs to.

Awful Teenage Daughter, instead of going to the boat and instead of staying with her junkie brother, goes off to find Awful Chris, and unlike Señor Barber, actually manages to find him over by the fuselage. Their reunion is cut short though, when Senñor Barber begins shooting at the shamble of walkers his new friend just introduced him to.

While all this is happening, on the boat, Travis takes another dive and, somehow, don’t worry about it, clears the zombie stuck in the intake. He then returns to the boat and pulls out Stripey’s hand from the filter. Well, that’s your problem right there: human hands don’t belong in boat filters.

As for Madison, she yells at Strand for a while, before demanding to know if they are going to Mexico. Strand explains that he has a fortified place in Baja California that he is in a hurry to get to. They then scream at one another about how they don’t trust the other before agreeing to trust the other. “GOOD,” Madison yells. “GOOD,” Strand yells back.

So, when Señor Barber begins shooting — pointlessly — at the herd of zombies, it gets everyone’s attention, including the folks on the boat. “ACK!” says Madison, as she watches her entire family be menaced on a cliffside by plane zombies.

Awful Chris, Awful Teenage Daughter, Señor Barber and Alex fight the horde as best they can, but are soon outnumbered when who should arrive covered in zombie guts, but Nick. He is able to kill enough zombies to open an escape route for his family and friends (sorta, I mean, it’s a stretch, but then they’d have us believe that guy lived for 15 days without water, so, you know), and he soon realizes the zombies think he’s one of them, begging the question FOR THE ONE BILLIONTH TIME, why they don’t always just cloak themselves in zombie blood every time they need to run out on a quick errand.

defeated shrug exasperated why sigh adam parks and recreation

Team Looters return to the zodiac and head back to the yacht, but Alex informs them they need to make a quick stop first, to pick up her raft and Burnt Jake. When they return to the yacht, the group argues about whether or not to go to Strand’s Mexico hideaway, as if they have a bunch of other options, before being all, “WELL, FINE, I GUESS WE’LL GO TO YOUR FANCY VACATION HOME. BUT WE WON’T LIKE IT.”

However, Strand refuses to let Alex and Burnt Jake onto the boat, calling them a liability. Travis comes up with a compromise: they tow Alex and Burnt Jake behind them, giving them at least a chance without endangering themselves. Strand reluctantly agrees, and Madison and Awful Teenage Daughter give Alex and Burnt Jake water and supplies, understanding that this is the best they can do. And with that, the Abigail is moving again.

Meanwhile, Nick, still sticky with gore, gives Senñorita a rosary he found on the beach. Dude, if you’re going to make a move, you should probably go take a shower first.

As for Alex and Burnt Jake, she promises him that this is the worst — after this, every day will be a little bit better. Which is a sweet sentiment that is rendered completely false when Strand marches down to the back of the boat and chops the tow rope with a machete.

tina fey not cool not ok angry

Hope Alex doesn’t carry a grudge, Strand, because methinks this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her.

So, as you might have guessed if you didn’t already know, I’m something of a Lost fan, and as such was thrilled that the writers would title this episode — the one about the aftermath of a plane crash — “Ouroboros,” as that was a symbol and theme that ran throughout Lost. What’s an ouroboros? Glad you asked: it’s the ancient Greek symbol of a snake eating its own tail. It represents the Eternal Return; the idea that everything comes back around; that life and death are all part of a regenerating cycle leading ultimately to immortality.


I know!

So what ON EARTH does it have to do with this particular episode? Not much, so far as I can tell. If I wanted to stretch, I would say something nonsensical about Chris and Nick both having these big, transformative moments in this episode: Chris with the mercy killing and Nick with this moment of recognition of himself within the walkers. They are experiencing something of a rebirth, if you will, into this new, gory world.

But the truth of the matter is that I think all the writers are actually alluding to with the use of ouroboros is the closure of the Flight 462 storyline: we saw how the flight began, and now we’ve seen how it ended. Completion.

Of course that’s not what ouroboros means. Like, AT ALL. But then maybe I’m the stupid one looking for deeper significance in clearly was just a title the writers thought sounded cool.



Quick programming note: I’m going to try to get these recaps up as quickly as I can, but now that I’m recapping Game of Thrones —  because it’s Game of Thrones, duh — and Game of Thrones airs at the exact same time on the exact same night, it might take me a while. I do apologize!

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on AMC.

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