Olympics: Heating up the diving pool


Jamie Squire : Getty

U.S. hotties divers Thomas Finchum and David Boudia.

Committing to watching the Olympics like Therese and I have been is sort of like running a marathon. Fatigue is setting in. The entire country is getting tired of watching it. Plus, it’s making me super late with my Project Runway blog. Which I suppose would also be a problem if I decided to pursue a career as a marathon runner.

Speaking of running … There’s a lot of RUNNING RUNNING RUNNING. A lot of rilly, rilly fast Jamaicans. A lot of baton-dropping. And that’s pretty much the story from the Bird’s Nest.

The thing that’s keeping me awake during this waning Olympics is the insanely hot divers. I mean, seriously every one of them is drool-worthy. I think all those bubbles when they hit the water have nothing to do with the force with which they enter, but rather they are so very, very hot, that the water around them is literally boiling. Man. Seriously. Tonight was the semi-finals in which Americans Thomas Finchum and David Boudia (shown above in their synchronized routine from earlier in the games) made a good showing, both progressing to the finals.

Before we get to Mary Carillo’s awesome package for the evening, allow me to interject an interesting side-note. Anyone else notice the music choice for some of athletes’ backgrounds montages? Two tracks that stood out to me were a cut off CSS’ new album Donkey and Vampire Weekend’s Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa. Is the Pitchfork crowd really the target audience here?

ANYWAY. Mary Carillo. As she introduces her package for the evening about KUNG FU FIGHTING MONKS, Bob Costas can’t even keep a straight face. The history of Shaolin is actually really beautiful, considering Bodhidharma sat in a cave for nine years and came up with the explosive style. It all would have been very tasteful until Mary starts punching a monk in the stomach. No lie. It was awesome. And just when it couldn’t get any better, Bob Costas thanks her for not using the tune Kung Fu Fighting.



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