Olympics: Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

It seems that NBC is almost as bored with the Olympics as the rest of us are becoming. With Michael Phelps out of the equation (and after an INTERMINABLE piece last night where we watched Phelps watch himself on the teevee and be as insightful as athletes ever are — “Well, right then I was just thinking that I had to finish this thing, Bob,” — A. athletes read from the exact same script, it’s part of their training to memorize it, and B. it’s just not that interesting to watch other people watch television.) and the most interesting parts of the gymnastics well behind us, NBC has just begun repeating itself.

Case in point: the sad sad tale of Liu Xiang and his hurt achille’s tendon. Seems Liu was China’s big track hero, face all over billboards and ads for the Games, country’s great fast hope, blah blah blah. But? Then? He hurt himself and ended up walking off the track after a false start. And it’s dramatic and shocking and upsetting and IT WAS ON DURING YESTERDAY’S COVERAGE. I mean, look. Great story NBC, but ARE YOU SURE THERE WAS NOTHING ELSE TO TALK ABOUT TODAY? Are you sure?

Moving on.

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Olympics: Alicia Sacramone, American hero

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‘Lost’: Have gun, will travel

Originally aired November 23, 2005

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