‘Who’s your favorite artist?’ If you’ve watched ‘Swarm,’ you know there’s only one answer to that question.



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Here’s A BUNCH OF TV News

The most dramatic breakup in Bachelor history just happened: Mike Fleiss, the creator and producer of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, Bachelor in Paradise, and The Bachelor Winter Games, is leaving Bachelor Nation after 20 years. Now, no reason has been given, but falling ratings and a certain degree of stagnation can’t have helped. I’d love to hear the real dirt, though.

Love is Blind. I hate that I love this show as much as I do, but here we are. And this is a good profile of Chris Coelen, the mastermind behind Love is Blind, Perfect Match, The Ultimatum, Married at First Sight, and Claim to Fame. This man makes the TV equivalent of Lays potato chips. You can’t eat just one. Mike Fleiss: you walked so that Coelen could run.

While we’re on the subject of Love is Blind, Micah Lussier is sorry for being such an asshole on this season so far. Still no word from Irina.

You’re getting less House of the Dragon next season. Instead of 10 episodes, there will only be 8. The writers are saying it’s story-driven and has nothing to do with Warner Bros. Discovery being fucking cheapskates but we’ll see. The last time they gave us fewer episodes of a Game of Thrones property, it didn’t turn out great. They are close to greenlighting a third season, so that’s good news, I guess.

Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Bret Baier, Maria Bartiromo, Dana Perino, Jeanine Pirro, and Lou Dobbs are expected to testify in the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit against Fox News. And the judge seems ready to make Rupert Murdoch testify, too.

General Hospital will pay to the great Sonya Eddy in today’s episode. Eddy’s real-life friend Yvette Nicole Brown will guest star in the episode, and says in this interview that it’s the “perfect” tribute to both Sonya and her character Epiphany.

I was trying to stay focused. I was on the verge of losing it. The idea that I am on GH under these circumstances is heartbreaking because I’ve lost a dear friend. It’s hard to get excited about the sign outside [the studio that says ‘General Hospital’] and to walk by the nurses’ station. But I am 100 percent positive that Sonya’s in heaven saying, “Girl, you better go and enjoy this day!” She gets the send-off she deserves on this show. She really does.

The Handmaid’s Tale‘s creator and showrunner, Bruce Miller, is stepping down ahead of the fifth and final season — but it’s nothing weird, he’s just going to start development on the sequel series, The Testaments.

SO. Have you watched Swarm on Prime Video yet? I watched the Donald Glover-produced horror series about 10 days ago and have not stopped thinking about it since. Swarm is about a fan obsessed with a Beyoncé-like singer, who goes on a cross-country murder spree. It’s obviously very dark, and I very nearly gave up after the first episode. But I’m glad I stuck with it, as it becomes much more insightful, sensitive, and very, very funny at times. Also: Houston plays a huge role.

Pop stars Chloë Bailey, Paris Jackson, and Billie Eilish all guest star in the series, and honestly? If I were an Emmy voter, I’d be giving Eilish a guest actor nomination right about now, she’s that powerful. And she’ll probably be overlooked on account of the show being a horror series, but the star of the show, Dominique Fishback, gives a memorable and terrifying performance that I won’t shake for a long time. The final episode alone: she should win all of the prizes. She won’t — but she should.

ANYWAY, here are some links for you if you have watched the series. Otherwise, save them for later if you haven’t because they are SPOILERY.

Swarm‘s co-creator Janine Nabers admits that she wrote Beyoncé a letter to let her know they were making this series and that she is the inspiration.

Here’s a good explanation of the ending of Swarm, which is understandably confusing.

Episode six might have you thinking that Swarm is based on a true story. It’s not, but the truth is a little more complicated than that — because it also kinda is based on multiple true stories? Also, the name Marissa Jackson is not a random choice.

Here’s what happens when you call or text that number at the end of episode six.

And episode five? Was written by Malia Obama.

Here are a bunch of the Beyoncé references in SwarmThe Love & Basketball allusion? ~chef’s kiss~

Apparently, Glover insisted that Swarm be filmed on actual film rather than cost-saving digital, which gives it that dark, almost European film feel.

Donald Glover discusses his inspiration for the murderous Dre. He has received some criticism for directing Fishback to think of her character “more like an animal, and less like a person,” as evidence that he hates Black women. Having seen the series, it’s clear that Dre is not some general stand-in for all Black women, and I’d suggest people calm down a little.

It is very unlikely there will be a second season of Swarm. But I would definitely watch a prequel series about Billie Eilish’s character.

Guy Pearce is sorry for his insensitive tweet about trans actors.

This is the closest to a Freaks and Geeks reunion we’re going to get, I’m afraid:

Justine Bateman doesn’t give a shit that you don’t like the fact that she’s aging naturally. My God, let the woman live her life and quit worrying about her wrinkles, you creeps.

“I just don’t give a shit. I think I look rad. I think my face represents who I am. I like it.” She went on to admit that in the past she’s been tempted to try out things like Botox and filler in order to make herself look younger, but ultimately decided that her face is a reflection of a life well lived. “I feel like I would erase, not only all my authority that I have now, but also, I like feeling that I am a different person now than I was when I was 20,” she said. “I like looking in the mirror and seeing that evidence.”


Steve Carrell had no idea the cast was going to sing “Seasons of Love” to Michael in his final episode of The Office, which is why his reaction was so genuine:

Love is dead.



  • Curb Your Enthusiasm might be ending with season 12 if a now-deleted tweet from producer Jon Hayman is to be believed. Next to a behind-the-scenes photo, the tweet read: “Maybe you love the show. Maybe you hate the show. Maybe you don’t give a shit. In any event, shooting the last scene of the last episode of the final season.” 🙁
  • grown-ish will end with season six on Freeform.

In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds returns on Paramount+ on June 15.
  • Dead Ringers will premiere on Prime Video on April 21.
  • Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butt-Head returns on Paramount+ on April 20.
  • A Tourist’s Guide to Love will debut on Netflix on April 21.
  • Sanctuary will premiere on Netflix on May 4.
  • Algiers, America will debut on Hulu on April 19.
  • Shooting Stars debuts on Peacock on June 2.


Paul O’Grady, British comedian and presenter for For the Love of Dogs, The Paul O’Grady Show, and Blind Date. Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs will continue to air on ITV.


Riverdale: The gang finds themselves back in 1955 in the final season premiere. 8 p.m., The CW

The Big Door Prize: When a mysterious machine arrives in a small town that tells everyone what their true life potential is, people find themselves re-evaluating how happy they truly are. Series premiere.  Hulu

Wellmania: A young woman jumps into a wellness journey after a health scare in this new comedy. Series premiere. Netflix

Late Night:

  • Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Kevin Bacon, Jay Pharoah, Coco Jones
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers: Adam Scott, Jeff Tweedy, Wilco, Fred Armisen
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Taron Egerton, Jay Chandrasekhar
  • The Late Late Show with James Corden: Chris Pine, Hugh Grant, Jimmie Allen
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jason Bateman, Ali Wong, Stray Kids
  • The Daily Show: Guest host John Leguizamo

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