Comic-con: In which George R.R. Martin takes a break from writing to tell us he’s not going to take any breaks from writing.

Penguin chaos.

Here’s A BUNCH OF TV News

Here is George R.R. Martin at the House of the Dragons panel at San Diego Comic-Con saying that he’s not going to be “doing anything” until he’s finished writing The Winds of Winter. That’s right, he took a break from writing to come tell people he’s not going to take any breaks from writing. ~shakes fist~ GEORRRRRRGE!

As for what was revealed at the panel? Not much, really. Showrunner Ryan Condal announced that the island Driftmark, which is the seat of House Velaryon, will be explored a great deal. Also, there are going to be 17 dragons this season, a big step up from three.

The producers are already planning season two, though it hasn’t been greenlit yet.

And George R.R. Martin explains his inspiration from history for this particular moment in Westerosi history: “The Anarchy.”

“What is it about Westeros that they’re just so anti-a-queen?” a moderator asked the panel.

“My books are fantasies, obviously, but I do follow history a lot,” Martin said. “I get inspiration from history and I take elements from history and turn it up to 11 — obligatory ‘Spinal Tap’ reference — or to 111. ‘Game of Thrones,’ as many people observed, was based loosely during the English’s War of the Roses. This show was based on an earlier period in medieval history called The Anarchy. I pilfered freely from real history — Henry I, the king of England, when his only legitimate son drowned while trying to cross the English Channel, was left with only one legitimate child, which was his daughter Matilda. And he named her his heir and he made the lords of the kingdom swear felty to her. And then some years later he died and most of the lords of the kingdom forgot about that oath and said, ‘Oh, it doesn’t apply,’ because here comes her cousin Stephen who crosses the channel quickly and steals the treasury and gets himself crowned king and they entered a period called the anarchy.”

Also at the panel, Steve Toussaint invites Game of Thrones fans who can’t deal with the fact that he’s Black to get over themselves.

Here’s more coverage of the panel in case you just want every detail.

HBO had already released a trailer for House of the Dragon, so they unveiled an “extended” trailer at Comic-Con. If you can’t see the differences bewteen the two, Watchers on the Wall have you covered.

HBO is going to make Game of Thrones available in 4k on HBO Max beginning next month.

Also at Comic-Con:

The Walking Dead kids tease what fans can expect from the “savage” final season, including more dangerous walkers and cotton candy.

At the panel, the big news is that The planned Walking Dead movies featuring Rick and Michonne have been instead turned into an upcoming limited series.

Also, Norman Reedus told fans that the Daryl and Carol story isn’t over yet, even though it’s been announced that Melissa McBride was dropping out of the planned Daryl and Carol spinoff series.

Stephen Colbert led The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power panel, and asked the important questions: “Why do elves get short haircuts and where is the salon? Do female dwarves have beards?” The showrunners revealed that the series will focus on the downfall of the civilization of Númenor, due to the factionalization of groups living there, a particularly timely topic.

No, Regé-Jean Page is not a Marvel star now. Though it’s definitely something Marvel should consider …

MODOK might have been canceled at Hulu, but he’ll be a part of the upcoming Ant-Man and Wasp film.

The Mythic Quest panel revealed that there will be another flashback episode this season, this time telling the “origin story” of Poppy and Ian.

Bruce Campbell blames Ash vs. Evil Dead being canceled for low ratings because no one knew what the network Starz was when it was airing. I mean, maybe, but I suspect Starz made the decision to cancel in part by comparing their ratings to other Starz shows … right?

Severance promises they will eventually reveal the significance of the goats — but doesn’t say much more beyond that.

And Abbott Elementary used their fan experience at Comic-Con to raise money for real teachers through Donors Choose.

In non-Comic-Con news, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will host week-long musical residences featuring St. Vincent, James Taylor, and Joe Walsh, beginning tonight.

Turns out Desus and Mero broke up over their manager, Victor Lopez. Apparently, Lopez had been accused of being abusive to employees, and Showtime requested that he no longer work on the show. Desus was cool with it, but Mero felt they owed Lopez their loyalty. Boo. That said, if you side with the guy who has been accused of being abusive … maybe it’s not going to work out.

Dr. Oz is so bad at this. So, Dr. Oz tried to make a meme about his opponent John  Fetterman being missing from the campaign trail (after having a stroke), using the show Lost.

So Fetterman used the image for his banner image on Twitter:

And then Damon Lindelof got involved:

Don’t fuck with the bald guy.

Zac Efron and Netflix are being sued by a health and wellness brand over the name “Down to Earth.”

Gordon Ramsay is getting his own Tubi streaming channel. Considering he provides a solid 40% of Fox’s programming, this just makes sense.

Right on cue, Disney is being attacked by the Parents Television Council for including R-rated movies on Disney+. This is literally a quote from them: “So what comes next, adding live striptease performances in Fantasyland at Disney World?” LOL. No, but that would be awesome.

If you weren’t a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan, you might not know that the “Woman Screaming at Cat” meme actually has a very sad story behind it.

Dave Chappelle just opened the Chris Rock/Kevin Hart show at Madison Square Garden, in case you were wondering how his “canceling” is going.

Don’t hold your breath for a Billy on the Street revival.

I don’t think Sydney Sweeney is going to be throwing out the first pitch at Fenway Park anytime soon.

It’s official: The U.K. will officially host Eurovision 2023 in Ukraine’s stead.


  • For All Mankind has been renewed for a fourth season on Apple TV+.
  • Mayans MC has been renewed for a fifth season on FX.
  • What If….? has been renewed for a third season on Disney+.
  • Never Seen Again has been renewed for a second season on Paramount+.
  • Rugrats has been renewed for a third season on Paramount+.
  • Icons Unearthed has been renewed for a second season on Vice TV.


In Development


  • Cindy Snow is no longer moving forward at Fox.
  • The Honeymoonan adventure comedy, has been acquired by Prime Video. 
  • Champion, a BBC series, has been picked up at Netflix.
  • Copenhagen Cowboya noir thriller series, is coming to Netflix. 
  • The adaptation of The Goon is coming to Netflix.

Casting News

Mark Your Calendar

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will premiere on Prime Video on September 2.
  • The Sandman premieres on Netflix on August 5.
  • Interview with the Vampire will debut on AMC on October 2.
  • The Walking Dead returns on AMC on October 2.
  • Tales of the Walking Dead will premiere on AMC on August 14.
  • Mythic Quest returns on Apple TV+ this fall. 
  • The End is Nye will debut on Peacock on August 25.
  • Secret Invasion will debut on Disney+ in spring 2023.
  • She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will premiere on Disney+ on August 17.
  • Star Trek: Picard will return on Paramount+ in 2023.
  • Chucky returns on USA and Syfy on October 5.
  • See returns on Apple TV+ on August 26.
  • Love in the Flesh will premiere on Hulu on July 26.
  • Industry will return on HBO on August 1.
  • Krapopolis will debut on Fox on November 27.
  • I Am Groot will premiere on Disney+ on August 10.
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks will return on Paramount+ on August 25.
  • Family Guy will return on Fox on September 25.
  • American Dad! will return on TBS on September 5.
  • What the Flocka: Waka & Tammy will return on WE tv on August 18.
  • Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur will premiere in 2023.
  • Rugrats will return soon on Paramount+.
  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe returns on Netflix on August 18.
  • Transformers: EarthSpark will debut on Paramount+ in November.
  • Secret Origin of the Batwheels will premiere on HBO Max and Cartoonio on September 17.
  • Delhi Crime returns on Netflix on August 26.
  • Everything Calls for Salvation will premiere on Netflix in October.


Paul Sorvino, Legendary actor in Goodfellas, Godfather of Harlem, Law & Order and father of Mira Sorvino

David Warner, British actor known for Titanic, The Omen, Time Bandits, Tron, Twin Peaks, Wallander, and countless other roles

Bob Rafelson, Co-creator of The Monkees, and director of Five Easy Pieces and Easy Rider

Bobbie Faye Ferguson, Actress who appeared in Dallas, Designing Women, and The Dukes of Hazard, among others

Kevin Rooney, Emmy-winning comedy writer and standup comedian

Melanie Rauscher, Contestant on Naked and Afraid

Mark Howard, Nashville sports announcer and radio personality

Diana Kennedy, Author of Mexican cookbooks and authority on the cuisine


The Bachelorette: The star of the show, Gabby’s grandpa, is back. 7 p.m., ABC

Santa Evita: The fascinating story of what happened to Eva Peron’s corpse and how she remained a powerful political figure long after death. Premiere. Hulu

Late Night:

  • Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Kevin Hart, Joseph Quinn, Toro y Moi
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers: Rhea Seehorn, Jeremy Allen White, Art Cruz
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Rep. Jamie Raskin, Death Cab for Cutie, St. Vincent
  • The Daily Show: TBA
  • Watch What Happens Live: Kyle Viljoen, Ryan McKeown

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