A congresswoman who supported the January 6 riot went crying to the Capitol Police over a late-night joke. Sure. Why not.

Sound on.

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After Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted that three Republicans were “pro-pedophile” because they voted in favor of Ketanji Jackson Brown to be appointed to the Supreme Court, Jimmy Kimmel joked, “Where is Will Smith when you need him?”

And someone got mad:

Jimmy Kimmel responded in kind:

It should be noted that the Capitol Police (who Greene voted against honoring after some of their own died defending the Capitol from the January 6th rioters) has not confirmed that she made such a report.

Fans are calling for the TV Flash to replace the movie Flash after Ezra Miller’s bizarre and violent behavior in Hawaii. (Reasonable.)

Hey, we’re talking about penises on TV again.

Summer of Soul has seen an unsurprising audience bump after winning a back-to-back Oscar and Grammy.

If you’re a fan of Severance, this is an interesting piece about the art direction and production design of it all.

Whoa: according to Eboni K. Williams, only one of her RHONY cast members was willing to come back to the show with her on the show, and it was not the one I was expecting.

NBCUniversal, Paramount, Sony, and Netflix are trying REALLY HARD to not be dragged into this “Don’t Say Gay” mess in Florida, but their time is coming. Especially you, NBCUniversal, with your Universal Studios parks …

1983’s Linda Ronstadt tried to warn us.

Reportedly, NBC News reporters are mad about Jen Psaki joining MSNBC, believing it will “harm” the NBC brand. Nevermind the fact that Nicole Wallace, one of MSNBC’s most popular hosts, was also a former White House spokesperson. (But I guess because she worked for a GOP White House, it’s OK and doesn’t look partisan?)

BoingBoing points us to this amazing website that allows you to flip through the channels on televisions from different eras, ranging from the 60s through the 2000s.

JoJo Siwa has pulled out of her upcoming movie Bounce, which was being produced by Will Smith’s production company. However, she claims she left the series months ago, long before The Slap. Maybe!


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Nehemiah Persoff, Character actor who appeared in Gunsmoke, Twilight Zone, Law & Order, Chicago Hope, and many many others

Rae Allen, Actress in The Sopranos, Seinfeld, Soap, All in the Family, and many others

Jimmy Wang Yu, Taiwanese martial arts film star

Eric Boehlert, Media critic at Media Matters, Salon, and Daily Kos


Tokyo Vice: Ansel Elgort stars in this new series about a journalist’s descent into the Tokyo underworld in the 1990s. Series premiere. HBO Max

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