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Sherri Shepherd is about to become the new Wendy Williams. Williams is apparently not returning to The Wendy Williams Show after battling health issues and Shepherd is signing a deal to be the “permanent guest host” which, of course, is an oxymoron. (I don’t watch The Wendy Williams Show, but I’m happy for Shepherd — she’s a dingaling, but I like her.)

The New York Times has a long piece about Bob Odenkirk, and his slow rise from famously-obscure comic to household name. He also reveals that the heart attack he suffered happened while filming Better Call Saul, and it sounds terrifying:

Seehorn and Odenkirk interacted with an easygoing, lived-in affection — one that they’ve been building for years, onscreen and off, but that deepened last summer, when Odenkirk collapsed on set in front of her and Fabian. It was a heart attack, and as he lay there without a pulse, it was their screams that alerted a medic.

“I’d known since 2018 that I had this plaque buildup in my heart,” Odenkirk said. “I went to two heart doctors at Cedars-Sinai, and I had dye and an M.R.I. and all that stuff, and the doctors disagreed” on treatment, with one suggesting he start immediately on medication and the other telling him it could wait. He listened to doctor No. 2 and was fine — until this year, when “one of those pieces of plaque broke up,” Odenkirk said. “We were shooting a scene, we’d been shooting all day, and luckily I didn’t go back to my trailer.” Instead, he decamped to a space where he, Seehorn and Fabian liked to retreat during downtime: “I went to play the Cubs game and ride my workout bike, and I just went down.” He added, “Rhea said I started turning bluish-gray right away.”

The soundstages “Better Call Saul” calls home are “massive,” Odenkirk said. After a few agonizingly long minutes, the show’s health safety supervisor, Rosa Estrada, and an assistant director, Angie Meyer, arrived, administering CPR and hooking him up to an automated defibrillator. It zapped him once, then once more, producing an irregular pulse that quickly disappeared. “The third time,” Odenkirk said, “it got me that rhythm back.”

An ambulance took him to Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque, “and around 5 a.m. the next morning they went through right here” — Odenkirk showed me a scar on his wrist — “and blew up the little balloons and knocked out that plaque and left stents in two places.” Later that morning, Odenkirk’s wife and children arrived in Albuquerque, staying with him at the hospital as he recovered for the next week.

Odenkirk has no memory of any of this. He cobbled together his account from Seehorn and the others who helped save his life.

“That’s its own weirdness,” Seehorn said. “You didn’t have a near-death experience — you’re told you had one.”

Dave Bautista was almost Mac’s dad on Sunny, even though he’s only 9 years older than Rob McElhenney.

Caleb Kennedy, an American Idol contestant from last season, has been charged with a felony DUI following a deadly crash.

The Peloton CEO was forced to resign. LOL, why? Could it be all those TV characters it tried to kill? (Or was it that COVID lockdowns came to an end and after a period of spectacular growth, they faced an inevitable decline in sales?) (But also, maybe they should hire someone who will demand to read the scripts when shows ask to put their product in an episode.)

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We are coming out of this Omicron recent wave, thank goodness. The cases are way down, but more importantly, the hospitalizations and death are going down, too. That said, 2,500 deaths a day is nothing to celebrate, and you can see that this past week, we surpassed 900,000 American deaths. The unofficial number is certainly over 1 million, and we will officially cross that line soon. According to Los Angeles County health officials, COVID was the leading cause of death there for the past two years. GET VACCINATED. GET BOOSTED. And please consider still wearing a mask in crowded situations. I know — I’m sick of it, too. But 2,500 deaths a day is a stunning number that we should not be inured to.

Actress Andrea Bordeaux says she was fired from the Starz series Run the World because she wouldn’t get vaccinated. OH WELL.

Law & Order: SVU‘s showrunner is unhappy that they are still hiring unvaccinated actors. So, stop? Follow Run the World‘s lead and don’t hire them?

The Conners took a subtle swipe at Aaron Rodgers — who guest-starred on the show just last season.

Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party has been postponed until next year.

The Edinburgh Television Festival will be in person this August.

An actor who had appeared on CSI and Parks and Recreation, but who hasn’t really been in anything for almost a decade, had a meltdown on the NYC subway over people wearing masks. He also allegedly threw paint on a George Floyd bust a few months ago. He seems nice.

David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash joined their former band member, Neil Young, in pulling their music from Spotify.

Speaking of, the Joe Rogan situation continues to devolve. What initially began as a protest against his spread of dangerous vaccine disinformation, has now turned its attention to his racism, misogyny, and transphobia. A video montage of Rogan saying the N-word on his podcast over the years started making the rounds, and it was bad enough that Rogan and the CEO of Spotify had to put out apologies, and former episodes of his show — over 100 — disappeared from the platform.

Joe Rogan is going nowhere, by the way. Which is interesting, considering that Spotify found the courage to remove another show, Stew Peters, for spreading COVID misinformation. HUH. INTERESTING. I guess Peters didn’t have a $100 million contract.

Ignore Dwayne Johnson and Jon Stewart (WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, JON STEWART?), and listen to Neil Young, kids.



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  • Shinning Vale will debut on Starz on March 2. Heads up, Shining fans — keep an eye out for the easter eggs, because there are A LOT:
  • Life & Beth will premiere on Hulu on March 18.
  • The Girl From Plainville will debut on Hulu on March 29.

  • Conversations With Friends will premiere on Hulu in May.
  • The Last Kingdom will return on Netflix on March 9.
  • Reno 911! Defunded will premiere on Roku on February 25.
  • Woke will return on Hulu on April 8.

  • The Ghost Town Terror will debut on Travel Channel and Discovery+ on March 11.
  • Ruthless will return on BET+ on March 10.
  • Poly will debut on Roku on February 11.
  • Young Wallander: Killer’s Shadow will debut on Netflix in 2022.
  • Hold Tight will premiere on Netflix later in 2022.
  • Twenty Five Twenty One will debut on Netflix on February 12.
  • Devils will return on Sky soon.


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Disenchantment: Season four. Netflix

Book of Boba Fett: Season finale. Disney+

Olympics: Women’s Snowboarding, Short-Track Speedskating, Figure Skating (Men’s) & More 7 p.m., NBC

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  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Julie Bowen, Murray Bartlett, PJ Morton
  • The Daily Show: Frances Haugen
  • Watch What Happens Live: Michelle Buteau, Dr. Jen Armstrong

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