‘And Just Like That’ tried to pull a fast one on ‘Sex & the City’ fans. It didn’t work.

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Kevin Hart, John Goodman, and Amber Ruffin are just a few of the celebrities who weren’t good enough for Lorne Michaels.

Joe Exotic was looking to be released from prison. Instead, a federal judge resentenced him to 21 years, one year short of his original sentence of 22 years.

Literally no one has any idea what is going on with Tom Brady, and I, for one, think it’s hilarious.

Having seen 9 of 11 of these shows (and having loved all of them?), I highly recommend this list of series to watch if you enjoyed Archive 81 — or even if you haven’t watched Archive 81, but enjoy a good twisty horror/sci-fi/thriller series. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go binge Ares and try to find Behind the Walls

Lawmakers in California and New York have introduced bills that would ban the use of live ammunition on sets. 

Erika Girardi has been dismissed from one of the lawsuits against her ex-husband and his law firm that was filed in Chicago. However, the lawsuit is going to be refiled in California, so it’s still too early for her to be celebrating.

And Just Like That introduced “Zed,” a nightclub owner that had a little flirtation with new character Seema. Except: the actor who played Zed is French actor William Abadie who appeared in a season six episode of Sex and the City as Tony the Prada Guy. Apparently, they thought fans wouldn’t notice? But, in fact, they noticed. And they’re not happy.

Oh no, Lisa Vanderpump! Heal up quickly!

Congratulations to Rihanna and ASAP Rocky!


  • That Girl Lay Lay has been renewed for a second season on Nickelodeon.
  • We Baby Bears has been renewed for a second season on HBO Max and Cartoon Network.

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  • Halo will premiere on Paramount+ on March 24.
  • A Million Little Things returns on ABC on February 23.
  • Big Sky returns on ABC on February 24.
  • Domino Masters premieres on Fox on March 9.
  • The Masked Singer returns on Fox on March 9.
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre will debut on Netflix on February 18.
  • Bust Down will debut on Peacock on March 10.
  • Catching Killers returns on Netflix on February 9.
  • North of the 10 will debut on BET+ on February 10.
  • Pretzel and The Puppies will premiere on Apple TV+ on February 11.
  • Forecasting Love and Weather will premiere on Netflix on February 12.
  • Back to 15 will debut on Netflix on February 25.
  • Anatomy of a Scandal premieres on Netflix on April 15.


Howard Hesseman, WKRP in Cincinnati actor and star of Head of the Class

Cheslie Kryst, Miss USA 2019, and Extra correspondent

Carol Speed, Actress who appeared in The Mack and starred in Abby

Leonard Fenton, Actor who played Dr. Legg on Eastenders

Sister Janet Mead, Australian nun who turned the Lord’s Prayer into a rock hit


Celebrating Betty White: America’s Golden Girl: What should have been a celebration of the icon’s 100th birthday is sadly now a tribute to her talents and generosity. President Joe Biden, Drew Barrymore, Valerie Bertinelli, Cher, Bryan Cranston, Ted Danson, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Ana Gasteyer, Goldie Hawn, Vicki Lawrence, Jane Leeves, Jay Leno, Anthony Mackie, Wendie Malick, Joel McHale, Tracy Morgan, Jean Smart, Mary Steenburgen, and more pay homage. 9 p.m., NBC

The Bachelor: They came to Houston, y’all. 7 p.m., ABC

The Hate We Can’t Forget: A Holocaust Memorial Special: Julianna Margulies hosts this exploration of the Holocaust’s legacy in this special. 9 p.m., MTV

Late Night:

  • Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Peyton Manning, Tariq Trotter, Anitta
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers: Ike Barinholtz, Bridget Everett, Hayley Brownell
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Whoopi Goldberg, Rep. Ro Khanna
  • The Late Late Show with James Corden: Brooklyn Beckham, Patrick Wilson, Gunna
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Will Arnett, Lisa Ling, Allen Stone
  • Watch What Happens Live: Danielle Olivera, Lindsay Hubbard

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Celebrating Betty White: America’s Golden Girl

6 thoughts on “‘And Just Like That’ tried to pull a fast one on ‘Sex & the City’ fans. It didn’t work.

  1. Sex and City famously tried this casting ploy with Justin Theroux. But then he got famous and … oopsie.

  2. So, a week or so ago I had nothing to do and I was so enamored with your recap of the Bachelor episode with the dual villains that I figured I had to see it for myself. I’m in the upstairs spare room that I use as an office, with my (non-work) laptop, watching it on ABC.com, using a headset for the audio.

    My younger daughter wanders in, sees what’s on the screen, and says in an excessively loud voice “wait a minute, are you watching The Bachelor???” Naturally, my wife and older daughter hear this, and come in to see for themselves. Hilarity ensues.

    This afternoon I get a text from elder daughter. It’s a screenshot of the Chronicle homepage, highlighting their story about how some Texans players will be on tonight’s episode. One of her friends showed it to her, because daughter had told her and others about how I’m now a Bachelor fan, and the friend wanted to make sure I knew this was happening. (Younger daughter has also apparently told her friends as well.) Daughter #1 told me over dinner that she had been having a laugh about this to another friend, who told her to leave me alone and let me have my show.

    I figured no one would enjoy this story more than you, so there you go. Both girls have told me that I picked a good season to watch. Now I guess I have to finish, so they don’t think I’m some kind of dilettante.

    1. Also, ABC should pay me. I should be receiving residuals for convincing people like you to watch this trash for yourselves.


      1. They totally should. I doubt I would have been inspired to watch by anyone else.

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