Will Forte finally returns home to ‘Saturday Night Live’

Saturday Night Live
Will Forte & Måneskin
January 22, 2022

During his time on Saturday Night Live, Will Forte created a specific space for himself, playing creeps, hysterics on the edge, goofy weirdos, and, of course, MacGruber, a thinly-veiled and loving tribute to 80s TV action hero MacGyver. It’s taken a while for Forte to return to host the show — he left in 2010 and has seen a number of his former cast members host the show since. But he finally came home this week, in an episode that felt like a genuine showcase for his signature weirdos. The sketches didn’t always land (see the final bit), but for longtime fans of Saturday Night Live, having him back was as familiar as putting on a worn but well-loved sweater.

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