Playing Larry David’s wife on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ for years prepared Cheryl Hines for this moment

You’ve seen the orangutan who drives the golf cart, right?

You are now ready for this:

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CBS News tried to hire Brian Williams to replace Norah O’Donnell, but he said no. Twice.

Speaking of, CNN still doesn’t know who is going to replace Chris Cuomo.

D.A.R.E. thinks Euphoria glamorizes drug use for teens and not to be a fuddy-duddy, but I think I agree with them?

Game of Thrones‘ final season was one of the most pirated shows of last year? WHY?

Don’t be racist!

The Cherokee Nation Film Office would like more projects to film within the boundaries of Cherokee Nation and increase Native American representation both in front of and behind the cameras.

Buzzfeed has a good list of TV and movie scenes that actors refused to film for very valid reasons ranging from casual misogyny to fat-shaming to just being very stupid. Chandler was going to work at a strip club because he liked their sandwiches? Get out of here with that.

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Last Week:

New York Times

This Week:

New York Times

We might be seeing the light at the end of the Omicron tunnel — but it’s only a pinpoint at the moment. Deaths and hospitalizations are still crushingly high, and depending on which source you’re looking at, we could see 900,000 deaths very soon. You know how to protect yourself.

And just because we’re (hopefully) nearing the end of this Omicron surge, it doesn’t mean we’re done with this virus as long as we have large vaccine gaps in other parts of the world. We’ve got to get the rest of the world vaccinated or we’re going to be hit with another variant because that’s how viruses work.

Speaking of, an even more transmissible version of Omicron has arrived in the US from overseas.

I didn’t mention this last week, mostly out of respect for his body of work, but Meat Loaf reportedly died of COVID, after expressing strong and stupid anti-vaxx positions. You would think this would be a clear example of cause and effect for people, and that, like Howard Stern is urging, his family would come forward urge people to get vaccinated so that his death wouldn’t be completely in vain. But instead, anti-vaxxers celebrated the dead musician at their anti-vaxx rally in DC this weekend. I literally do not understand this mindset.

A Czech folk musician named Hanka Horká died of COVID after deliberately contracting it to try to induce a natural immunity to it. Her family is urging people to get vaccinated. ~ahem~

Sarah Palin, who is unvaccinated, has tested positive — and this after dining in a New York restaurant who apparently did not demand proof of vaccination despite that being New York law. Shame on the restaurant, but also shame on Palin for going someplace the unvaccinated are not allowed. The entitlement of people like her and Djokovic who think that laws and rules don’t apply to them makes my blood boil.

Robin Roberts tested positive.

Elton John had to cancel some upcoming concerts after testing positive. He performed here in Houston this past weekend, and according to friends who were at the show, barely anyone was wearing a mask. GREAT JOB, EVERYONE.

A 31-year-old father of three in Boston has been taken off the heart transplant list because he refuses to get vaccinated. Fuck around and find out, I guess.

Ozzie, the world’s oldest male gorilla, has died, and it might be COVID-related.

The Fugees have canceled a reunion tour over COVID concerns. Adele also canceled her Las Vegas residency over COVID issues, (but maybe not?).

Neither NBC nor ESPN will be sending crews to Beijing for the Winter Olympics due to COVID concerns.

The Annie Awards will go virtual again.

The NFL will no longer test the unvaccinated players every day. I guess I’m glad the season is all but over, then.

Neil Young is demanding Spotify remove his music over Joe Rogan and his continued spread of disinformation. Good for him. More musicians should follow suit.

“I am doing this because Spotify is spreading fake information about vaccines – potentially causing death to those who believe the disinformation being spread by them,” he wrote. “Please act on this immediately today and keep me informed of the time schedule.”

Young added, “I want you to let Spotify know immediately TODAY that I want all my music off their platform. They can have [Joe] Rogan or Young. Not both.”

Journalist and idiot Bari Weiss went on Real Time with Bill Maher and declared that she was “over COVID,” a position Maher enthusiastically agreed with. Literally, over two thousand people died of COVID yesterday, but sure. You’re “over it.”

As noted, there was a large anti-vaxx protest in Washington D.C. this weekend, and longtime anti-vaxxer and disgrace to his family, Robert Kennedy Jr. spoke. That in and of itself is not surprising, but what was surprising is when he suggested that anti-vaxxers have it harder than the Jews did in the Holocaust:

I’m sorry, did he not finish the book?

Kennedy’s wife Cheryl Hines issued an apology:

Cheryl Hines, it should be noted, played Larry David’s wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm, so she knows a thing or two about embarrassing husband behavior.

Robert Kennedy Jr. soon followed with his own apology … sorta.

First of all, “To the extent my remarks cause hurt…” is the new “I’m sorry to anyone who was offended.” Second, it’s not just the reference to Anne Frank. It’s the very idea that people who are willfully refusing to participate in valuable public health measures out of non-scientific-based fears are somehow more victimized than millions of innocent people who were murdered by the state — THAT IS WHAT IS FUCKING OFFENSIVE AND WRONG AND BAD AND DANGEROUS.

And why are so many athletes such dumb anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers? NO, JOHN STOCKTON, VACCINATED PLAYERS ARE NOT “DROPPING DEAD” MID-GAME, YOU LUNATIC.

This is an interesting piece about Aaron Rodgers and how he’s actually been drawn to conspiracy theories for a while now, so his anti-vaxx position is not really that surprising. I am linking this to this story about a loony anti-vaxxer who is urging people to drink their own pee who also seems to believe he can legally drive without a license because this line of conspiracy thinking is part and parcel of a larger thing.

Many many years ago, when I was in middle school, a VERY right-wing relative of mine rhapsodized to my family and me about the Christian Patriot movement, which is tied to the Sovereign Citizens movement. He excitedly explained to us how members of the movement don’t have to pay taxes or register their cars or get driver’s licenses because the government is illegal or something. At the time, it seemed like a laughable fringe movement, and it still is to some degree. But between the presidency of the Conspirator-in-Chief and the spread of the pandemic, we have entered this dangerous new place where the anti-government nuts and the anti-vaxxer nuts — who are more often than not one and the same — are gaining political traction within the Republican party, and frankly, it’s terrifying. Nothing good will come from this from a political or public health perspective.

As Ben Collins tweeted, “Buckle up.”


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