Netflix and Dave Chappelle double down on punching down.

I have not stopped laughing:


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This Dave Chappelle: The Closer mess at Netflix is only getting messier. Ted Sarandos sent a memo to employees insisting that the special, in which Chappelle makes a number of jokes about the trans community, “doesn’t directly translate to real-world harm.” Netflix has also reiterated that the special will not be removed from the platform. 

As for the idea that content on screen doesn’t directly translate to real-world harm, GLAAD would politely disagree.

“GLAAD was founded 36 years ago because media representation has consequences for LGBTQ people. Authentic media stories about LGBTQ lives have been cited as directly responsible for increasing public support for issues like marriage equality,” GLAAD said in a statement. “But film and TV have also been filled with stereotypes and misinformation about us for decades, leading to real-world harm, especially for trans people and LGBTQ people of color.”

Trans employees of Netflix and their allies are planning a walkout in protest next week. And Netflix’s official Twitter handle had some feelings about all of this:

And it turns out, Chappelle’s last two specials cost more than the entire season of Squid Game.

For my two cents, comedy is about speaking truth to power, not punching down, and not making targets of already vulnerable groups.

Dave Chappelle has every right to say whatever he wants and Netflix has the right to distribute it, but neither of them should expect to avoid criticism for doing so.

Fox is going to be making Masked Singer NFTs. Sure. Why not.

Gerri on Succession was originally written for a man, but J. Smith-Cameron is killing it. It’s hard to imagine anyone else in the role.

It’s genuinely amazing that Erika Girardi chose to film The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season. Her lawyers had to have been shitting themselves.

Shameless‘ Emma Kenny has some shit to say about Emmy Rossum. 👀

Someone recut Ted Lasso into a horror trailer. 10/10 would watch.

Archer said goodbye to Jessica Walter in its finale last week in a truly lovely way. I don’t even watch Archer, but this one got me all up in my feelings.

Bobby Flay’s 27-year relationship with Food Network has come to an end.

RACIAL Justice

SHOCKING: An NFL coach was caught making racist, sexist and homophobic comments. Jon Gruden, the coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, resigned from the position when emails he sent when he was an ESPN commentator came to light during a workplace misconduct investigation into the Washington Football Team. What is actually shocking about this story is that Gruden is actually facing consequences, not that Gruden made the comments in the first place. That’s just the culture of the NFL, let’s be completely honest. 

Carl Nassib, one of Gruden’s players, and the only openly gay current NFL player, took a personal day after the news broke. Meanwhile, Greg Kelly is whining over on Newsmax that “white men are under attack.”

MLB announced Jim Kaat is sorry for making a slavery reference during one of last week’s Astros/White Sox games. I MEAN, HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN, GUYS?

The Rolling Stones are retiring the song “Brown Sugar” because of, you know, all the racism. And of course Piers Morgan is all butt-clinched about it.

HFPA has finally added Black, Asian, and Latino members, but are still falling short of their goal to raise Black membership to 13%. Keep trying!

Hey, Hollywood? Squid Game is the biggest thing in the world right now, and I have to tell you, that cast is super hot. How about you start offering them some roles?


  • Foundation has been renewed for a second season on Apple TV+.
  • Jack Ryan was renewed for a fourth season on Amazon.
  • Blindspotting was renewed for a second season on Starz.

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  • Dickinson returns on Apple TV+ on December 24.
  • The Afterparty will debut on Apple TV+ in January.
  • The Sex Lives of College Girls will premiere on HBO Max on November 18.
  • Lost in Space will return on Netflix on December 1.
  • The Price of Freedom will premiere on HBO Max on October 19.
  • The Kids Tonight Show premieres today.
  • Sex, Love & goop will premiere on Netflix on October 21.
  • Swagger will debut on Apple TV+ on October 29.
  • Gentefied returns on Netflix on November 19.
  • Selena + Chef returns on HBO Max on October 28.
  • Britannia returns on EPIX on January 16.
  • The Challenge: All Stars will return on Paramount+ on November 11.
  • Ricky Velez: Here’s Everything will debut on HBO Max on October 23.
  • Love Hard will debut on Netflix on November 5.
  • Texas 6 will return on Paramount+ on November 18.
  • Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show will debut on Apple TV+ on November 5.
  • The Unlikely Murderer will debut on Netflix on November 5.
  • Lost City of the Monkey God will premiere on Science Channel on October 31.
  • A World Without will premiere on Netflix today.


Ravil Isyanov, Actor who appeared in NCIS: Los Angeles, GLOW, and The Last Ship among many others

Juli Reding, Actress who had many guest-starring roles on shows, including Sea Hunt, Dr. Kildare, and Murder She Wrote

David H. DePatie, Animation producer

Ray Fosse, Former MLB catcher and broadcaster for the Oakland A’s

Gary Paulsen, Author


I Know What You Did Last Summer: This new series is based on the classic 1973 novel of the same name. Series premiere. Amazon

Project Runway: Season 19 premiere. 8 p.m., Bravo

Legacies: Hope and the Super Squad devise a plan to rescue Landon. Season premiere. 8 p.m., The CW

B Positive: Drew develops romantic feelings for someone new in the season premiere. 8:30 p.m., CBS

What Happened, Brittany Murphy?: This limited series looks into the short, tragic life of actress Britney Murphy, and her mysterious death. Premiere. HBO Max

Another Life: The Katee Sackhoff alien drama returns. Season two. Netflix

Guilty Party: Kate Beckinsale stars as a disgraced journalist trying to salvage her career by proving that a young mother accused of killing her husband is innocent in this new series. Premiere. HBO Max

Phoebe Robinson: Sorry, Harriet Tubman: Stand-up from Phoebe Robinson. Premiere. HBO Max

The Velvet Underground: Director Todd Haynes looks at the legendary band and how they became a cultural touchstone. Premiere. Apple TV+

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  1. Beyond the obvious punching down, what bothered me was the special was basically just an hour of him complaining about cancel culture. Chappelle is a very smart man and it was just dumb. The whole thing was dumb.

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