President Biden is now technically part of the Real Housewives universe. Maybe our universe is just one big simulation after all.

It’s a cute animal story but it’s also a “people aren’t all bad” story”

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After 38 wins, Matt Amodio’s Jeopardy! winning streak has come to an end, far short of Ken Jenning’s record-holding 74-game win. Amodio won $1,518,601, so not too shabby!

Oh my God, President Biden attended his nephew’s wedding to Real Housewife of Orange County Meghan King, making him part of the Real Housewives universe. We’ve got to go back and fix the timeline, guys.

The Golden Globes are still going to happen, but NBC ain’t gonna air them, so what’s the point?

HBO Max’s descriptions for their series Generation Hustle, about WeWork, have undergone some interesting edits. Looks like the lawyers got involved.

I love Paramount+’s Evil — it’s the reason I subscribe to Paramount+ if I’m being completely honest — and one of the best things about the show, in addition to its intelligence, wit, and genuine scares, is Michael Emerson. In fact, he might be my very favorite thing about the showhe is clearly enjoying just how crazy his role is, and savoring all the scenery he’s chewing. GIVE ME SEASON THREE. NOW.

Vanity Fair gives the glue that holds Sexy Beasts together their due: the people not wearing insane masks.

Just Tom Bergeron giving the finger to the Dancing With the Stars producers.

G4 is coming back? What’s next, Spike TV?

LeVar Burton might not be your Jeopardy! host but he will be your Rose Parade Grand Marshall.

The haunting music for White Lotus was originally intended for Kanye West, but then he went and lost his mind, and here we are.

 What … what on earth is going on with Mac here?

Owen Wilson hosted the lowest rated Saturday Night Live of all time. That’s gotta hurt. Kim Kardashian brought the ratings up but was not as big a boost as say Elon Musk because our culture is trash.


Some aftermath from monster R. Kelly finally facing consequences for his crimes:

Azriel Clary, one of Kelly’s survivors who had previously defended him in an interview with Gayle King, but later testified against him, returned to talk to King about the trial.

“Even I have to take accountability for my actions,” she told King today. “It’s okay to reevaluate your life. It is okay to change your mind. You are never too old to wake up and say, ‘Hey, I thought this was good for me, but it’s actually not.’”

Baton Rouge has rescinded the key to the city they gave Kelly.

Chuck D. wondered if Kelly really deserved life in prison for his crimes.

His ass was handed to him:

And then Chuck D was like, “No no, I don’t like R. Kelly. I’m just saying a serial abuser of Black women and children who has shown zero remorse and if anything tripled down on his bad behavior shouldn’t be given a thousand more chances, is all. Also, check out my new media site.”

THIS is going to surprise you, but Bill Cosby thinks R. Kelly was railroaded. Sit down, you old rapist.

Google has removed R. Kelly’s YouTube channels, but user-created videos using his music will be allowed to stay on the platform.

R. Kelly’s record sales went up over 500% following his conviction. People are the fucking worst.

Britney Spears’ father will be fully removed from the conservatorship on November 12. BYE.

Meanwhile, Britney still seems pretty pissed at her sister Jamie Lynn (this post can explain more if you’re really interested), so I can’t imagine that the idea that Jamie Lynn writing a tell-all is going to go over well with big sister.

Following Aly Raisman’s special bringing light to sexual abuse, Aly Raisman: Darkness to Light, calls into RAINN increased 99%. I hope all of those people found the help they needed. 

Dave Chappelle keeps telling dumb lazy jokes about trans people, and people are not happy about it. Netflix’s head, Ted Sarandos, says that Chappelle’s comments don’t cross the line into hate speech, and that they will not be removing the show. But you know who Netflix has “canceled,” so-to-speak, is a trans employee who wrote a Twitter thread trying to explain why Chappelle’s “jokes” are harmful:

Field also might have interrupted a high-level meeting that she was not authorized to attend. Netflix has suspended Field.

The Texas abortion law is ground that is constantly shifting and probably won’t be settled until the Supreme Court decides to FINALLY GET INVOLVED ALREADY. Anyway, here’s a good explainer why Hollywood hasn’t been very vocal about it, as opposed to the Georgia Heartbeat Bill; SXSW is planning on staying in Austin despite the bill; and Megan Thee Stallion thinks it’s FUCKING BULLSHIT. (She’s not wrong.)

Nicole Brown Simpsons’ sister, Tanya Brown, found Kim Kardashian’s jokes about OJ Simpson “beyond inappropriate and insensitive.”

One of the jurors on the Bill Cosby case is advocating to change the consent laws — as in, to create one, because there isn’t one — after learning there is no definition of “consent.”

The commissioner of the National Women’s Soccer League, Lisa Baird, has stepped down in the wake of a scandal involving the league covering up for Paul Riley, a coach who allegedly sexually abused his players for over a decade.

Emily Ratajkowski has accused Robin Thicke of groping her on the set of the “Blurred Lines” video set. Way to be a cliché, Robin.

Chuck Liddell was arrested for domestic abuse and it’s pretty messy.

Esme Bianco’s lawsuit against Marilyn Manson is moving forward.

One of the Lord of the Rings orcs is modeled off of Harvey Weinstein (but not because he’s a sex monster, just a business monster).

Aaron Sorkin thinks Scott Rudin is getting what he deserves. OK.


Jerry Seinfeld is sorry Bee Movie is so creepy.

Former YoungLife members are accusing the organization of covering up cases of sexual misconduct. I would like someone to explain to me like I am a kindergartner how having a policy in place that “prohibits employees and volunteers from reporting misconduct to the police without executive approval” is a good idea.



Answer to @mcbossio men gonna men. 😂😂😂#disneyprincess #ThatCloseMessenger #facecharacter #castmember #QandA

♬ original sound – Sarah Daniels

Superman is being reimagined as bisexual in an upcoming DC comic. Cue the outrage.


In Development

  • An L.A. Law sequel with Blair Underwood has received an ABC pilot order.
  • Once Upon a Time in Aztlan, a family drama produced by George Lopez, is in the works at Amazon.
  • A legal drama from a former Obama staffer is being developed at ABC.
  • Hermanas, a family drama, is in the works at The CW.
  • Extra Ordinary is being turned into a TV series at TBS by Maya Rudolph and Natasha Lyonne.
  • Seoul Hunters, a sketch comedy series, has been ordered at truTV.
  • Playdate, a competition series, is being developed by Chris Paul’s production company.
  • Jim Gaffigan is taping a comedy special for Netflix.
  • Help, a drama starring Jodie Comer, has been picked up at Acorn TV.
  • Jackie Collins’ novel Lovers & Gamblers is being adapted for television.
  • Dan Fogler’s graphic novel series Moon Lake is being adapted for TV
  • Sam Catlin has signed an overall deal with Apple TV+.

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • Succession returns on HBO and HBO Max this Sunday.
  • The Shrink Next Door will premiere on Apple TV+ on November 12.
  • Sex & the City: And Just Like That … will debut on HBO Max in December.
  • Peacemaker will premiere on HBO Max sometime in January.
  • The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip will premiere on Peacock on November 18.
  • Narcos: Mexico will return on Netflix on November 5.
  • Hypnotic will debut on Netflix on October 27.
  • Colin in Black & White will debut on Netflix on October 29.
  • Snoop & Martha’s Very Tasty Halloween will premiere on Peacock on October 21.
  • Hitmen will return on Peacock on October 28.
  • The Game will return on Paramount+ on November 11.
  • Ragdoll will debut on AMC+ in November.
  • Bering Sea Gold will return on Discovery and Discovery+ on October 26.
  • Robin Robin will debut on Netflix on November 24.
  • The Club will debut on Netflix on November 5.
  • Maradona: Blessed Dream will premiere on Amazon on October 29.


Chris Pearson, Star on Ex on the Beach

Ruthie Tompson, Disney animator who worked on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Bambi and Sleeping Beauty

Lenka Peterson, Broadway actress

Bob Herron, Stuntman

Beverly Noga, Publicist


Dopesick: Based on the nonfiction bestseller of the same name, this miniseries explores what roles Purdue Pharma and Robert Sackler had in the opioid epidemic, by hiding just how addictive OxyContin was. Premiere. Hulu

Chucky: The murderous doll gets his own series. Series premiere. 9 p.m., Syfy & USA

A Night in the Academy Museum: Laura Dern and Tom Hanks host this special introducing the world to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences museum, finally open in Los Angeles. 9 p.m., ABC

Trial in the Outback: This three-part documentary looks into the infamous “a dingo ate my baby!” case. Premiere. Sundance Now


Late Night:

  • Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Daniel Craig, Meghan Trainor, Chlöe
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers: Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Scott Speedman
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Larry David, David Chang, Phoebe Bridgers
  • Watch What Happens Live: D.J. “Shangela” Pierce, Scheana Shay

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A Night in the Academy Museum
FBI: International
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CW Stargirl
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New Amsterdam

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