Some free legal advice: if you’re criming, don’t join the cast of a reality show.

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How much of a narcissistic personality disorder must you have to film a reality series while actively committing crimes? The most recent Real Housewife to be arrested for fraud is Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Jen Shah, who, along with her assistant Stuart Smith was arrested for wire fraud and money-laundering. According to the Southern District of New York, Shah and Smith had a telemarketing scheme that preyed on older women, selling them fraudulent “business services.”

Shah and Smith allegedly participated in a “widespread, coordinated effort to traffic in lists of potential victims,” allegedly selling the victims’ information to other participants in their scheme. Per the Department of Justice, some of those in on the scam allegedly told their targets they would “make the management of Victims’ businesses more efficient or profitable, including tax preparation or website design services, notwithstanding that many Victims were elderly and did not own a computer.”

And OOH! This is juicy: the show is currently filming the second season:

Cameras were rolling on Tuesday as the cast prepared to head to Colorado when Shah suddenly left, claiming that there was an emergency with her husband …

Shortly after she left, federal law enforcement swarmed production, looking for Shah. They soon found her, and she was arrested. It’s unclear as of now whether production was forced to stop filming once law enforcement arrived on the scene. In any case, it seems certain that Shah’s new legal woes will be featured on season two of the reality series.

Neil Gaiman claims American Gods is not dead yet:

Sometimes Nickelodeon shows actually teach kids something valuable: An 8-year-old says that John Cena’s show The Substitute taught him how to save his choking sister.

Bob Odenkirk is warning that Better Call Saul fans shouldn’t assume Kim is dead just because she doesn’t show up in Breaking Bad. Fair point. (But she’s probably dead, right?)

Some people do not think Rebel Wilson’s new show Pooch Perfect is all that cute.

The Wheel of Fortune people are sick of Pat Sajak, according to this rumor.

Lil Nas X isn’t wrong:

Univision is launching PrendeTV, “first and only streaming channels-based and VOD service created specifically for U.S. Hispanic audiences.”

Tyler Perry is asking that the DOJ look into the Georgia voter suppression bill that was just passed, but is also trying to tamp down talk of boycotts. And there’s a point to be made about the unintentional effect of a boycott, that it could harm workers in Georgia, the very people Hollywood wants to help. But that’s not the point Perry made, instead saying: “As some consider boycotting please remember that we did turn Georgia blue and there is a gubernatorial race on the horizon – that’s the beauty of a democracy.” But that’s the point, Perry: if this bill is allowed to stand uncontested, the Democrats won’t have a chance in that gubernatorial election or any other elections. Use every tool in your toolbox to get rid of this terrible bill, including boycotts.

Summer Zervos’ defamation lawsuit against Former President Grabby can go forward. Her attorneys are looking to depose the orange menace. GOOD. DO IT.

Going Viral

More than 550,000 Americans have died from COVID, and we have surpassed 30 million cases in total. Cases and deaths are rising, too, in more and more states. NOT GREAT GUYS.

But what is great news is that the Pfizer vaccine was 100% effective in kids between the ages of 12-15 in a trial. It hasn’t been approved for anyone younger than 16 yet, but as soon as we can, let’s get those kiddos vaccinated!

Meanwhile, that lunatic Marjorie Taylor Greene is calling the idea of a vaccine passport, “the mark of the beast,” which honestly is right on-brand. Sadly, she’s not alone in her skepticism of such a plan — Justin Amash, who is a Never-Trumper, is suggesting that the idea of “health papers” is dystopian. Apparently, Amash has never registered a child for school or sports. It’s just not that sinister, y’all. 

What’s this? Florida might have wildly undercounted their deaths from COVID? Let me fetch my smelling salts. Also, Rebekah Jones was telling you people this.

I don’t know what San Diego Comic-Con was thinking, scheduling their in-person event for Thanksgiving weekend. I am sure there are some fans who will want to attend instead of spending time with their families for the first time in nearly two years, but actors and studios are already balking.

An unnamed representative “for a studio that has hosted Hall H panels in the past” questioned “what actor or producer is going to give up their first post-vaccine Thanksgiving holiday with family to travel to San Deigo to publicize a project?” and another noted that people have already gotten Wonder Woman and The Mandalorian during the pandemic but “what we haven’t had is a hug from our parents and grandparents.”

The Oscars have already backed off from their no Zoom policy after international nominees were like “the fuck we’re going to fly to the United States and quarantine for two weeks for an 80% chance we’re going to lose.”

Universal Studios Hollywood will reopen on April 16.

SpongeBob SquarePants is pulling their “Kwarantined Krab” episode. GEE, WHY?


In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • The Handmaid’s Tale will return on Hulu on April 28.
  • Younger will return on Freeform for its final season on April 15. The first four episodes will be available on Paramount+ on April 12.
  • The Mitchells vs. The Machine will premiere on Netflix on April 30.
  • Ride or Die will debut on Netflix on April 15.
  • The Disciple will stream on Netflix beginning April 30.
  • “First Contact Day” will be April 5. Paramount+ will stream exclusive Star Trek content.


G. Gordon Liddy, Bad guy on Airwolf this one time and not known for any other reason at all


Riverdale: “After the Bulldogs lose several football games, Archie and Veronica come up with a plan to boost school spirit.” Look, I’m going to watch this because I’m a sucker for bad teen dramas. BUT THAT SAID, I don’t watch Riverdale for football plotlines, I watch for bonkers serial killer/monster/bitchiness content. Do better, Riverdale. Spring finale. 7 p.m., The CW

Laundry Guy: In this series, a laundry expert helps people salvage and restore cherished pieces that had previously been thought ruined forever. This sounds as satisfying as watching someone pressure wash a filthy sidewalk, and I mean that sincerely. Series premiere. Discovery+

Red Table Talk: Jada, Willow, and Gammy are back to tell it like it is. Premiere. Facebook Watch

Late Night:

  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jamie Foxx, Lauren Graham, AJR

WEDS. 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30
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FOX The Masked Singer
Game of Talents
NBC Chicago Med
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Chicago P.D.

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  1. I get my 2nd shotnof Moderna in 40 minutes. My wife is already fully vaccinated. My boys are 12 and 15. Come on FDA!!!

    1. Congratulations! That’s fantastic news. We got the 16-year-old his first shot this weekend, so I completely understand. Let’s get that vaccine approved, FDA!


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