No, this interview with President Brain Leak was not a scene scrapped by ‘Veep.’ Believe me, I checked.

It’s Tuesday and everything is still completely insane. Hello!

Here is a video of cute bunny kisses:

I don’t know who in the White House is giving the green light to these interviews with President Terrific Brain, but whoever you are, WELCOME TO THE RESISTANCE, MY FRIEND.

Yesterday, HBO aired an interview Axios reporter Johnathan Swan had with the Mensa Champion-in-Chief, and it was brutal. Swan did not ask any gotcha questions and he did not twist or otherwise manipulate any of the answers. But he did fact check him on the spot and allowed President Spray Tan to hang himself with his own ignorance. It’s stunning (also stunning: that I can continue to be stunned). You can watch the entire interview below:

If you don’t have 37 minutes to watch the whole thing, here are some astonishing moments:

The time when he waved meaningless graphs around claiming that they proved everything is FINE here in regards to the virus:

The time he said “It is what it is” about tens of thousands of dead Americans:

The time he wishes an arrested sex trafficker “well” AGAIN:

The time he said he hasn’t confronted Russia about putting bounties on AMERICAN SOLDIERS’ HEADS:

And finally, the time he says he has done more for Black people than John Lewis:

I demand that Johnathan Swan give a MasterClass on how to interview this dipshit. Maggie Haberman and Chuck Todd should be the first forced to take it.

Election Day is 91 days away but remember: early voting is available in most states, and be sure to look into the possibility of mail-in voting where you live. Just be sure to mail in your ballot early since this piece of shit is trying to destroy the post office so as to disenfranchise you.


The Worst President of all time called Nevada passing a law to allow mail-in voting an “illegal coup” and is threatening to sue the state to stop it. 1. States set their own election laws, so fuck off with that noise. 2. He pretty much gives away the game by saying that making it easier for people to vote (especially during a deadly pandemic) will make it “impossible for Republicans to win,” but, 3. a “coup?” I never cease to be amazed by his relentless projection.


Oh hey, another journalist who traveled with the President has tested positive.

Fear the Walking Dead will resume production this month; The Walking Dead next month. OK.

The Nat Geo team discussed the trials and tribulations of filming safely during a pandemic. Meanwhile, the Genius team don’t know when they will be able to resume filming the Aretha season.

Advertising revenue has declined because of the pandemic. Shocking.

The CW is encouraging mask wearing through their superheroes.

The Emmys’ “For Your Consideration” presentations — formerly flashy events — are having to go virtual.

Red Notice, a Netflix film starring The Rock, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot, will begin filming in a bubble next month.

When you’ve pissed off people in Longview, Texas, Gov. Abbott and President Dipshit, you might be in trouble.

The Chicago White Sox and St. Louis Cardinals had to cancel their “Field of Dreams” game in Iowa because 13 CARDINALS tested positive.


Odell Beckham (no relation) is calling for the cancellation of the 2020-2021 NFL season. GEE, WHY?

The Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes has been canceled for 2020. The holidays are going to be grim this year, brace yourselves accordingly.

Meanwhile: “I felt safer going to Disney than going to the grocery store, to be honest.”

We’re all going to die.

All Other TV News

The Christmas Set Up will be Lifetime’s first gay Christmas movie. It will premiere this year.

MSNBC is shaking things up in its daytime lineup. More Nicole Wallace, and that toadie Chuck Todd is moving to a lesser earlier time.

NBCUniversal is about to lay off a bunch of folks, mostly on the TV side and in theme parks.

Judge Judy and CBS are being sued and it’s all Les Moonves’ fault.

Sarah Paulson will be directing some of American Horror Stories, but it is unclear if she’ll be appearing in any episodes.

These are all excellent episodes of It’s Always Sunny, but I can’t take any list of best Sunny episodes seriously that excludes “The Gang Broke Dee.”

Release the pilots! What I would give to see the original Game of Thrones pilot.

Have you watched Netflix’s Love on the Spectrum? Here’s a video update on the couples.




In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • The Bachelorette — with GOD ONLY KNOWS WHO AS THE BACHELORETTE — will return “soon.”

  • Ratched will debut on Netflix on September 18.
  • The Boys will return on Amazon on September 4.
  • Power Book II: Ghost will debut on Starz on September 6.
  • Surviving Jeffrey Epstein will debut on Lifetime on August 9.
  • Expedition to the Edge will premiere on Discovery on August 23.
  • Get Duked! will debut on Amazon on August 28.
  • Summer Comedy Stand Up Specials will debut on HBO Max on August 20.
  • Glitch Techs will return on Netflix on August 17.

National Geographic announced a number of titles yesterday:


Reni Santoni, Actor who played Poppie on Seinfeld. He also appeared in Dirty Harry and 28 Days.

Mark “Rollerball” Rocco, Professional wrestler


John Lewis: Celebrating a Hero: A look at the life of a remarkable American and hero. 9 p.m., CBS

The Swamp: This documentary follows around three of Trump’s most loyal idiots, Matt Gaetz, Thomas Massie, and Ken Buck as they attempt to “drain the swamp” (while not realizing they are the swamp creatures). 7 p.m., HBO

America’s Got Talent: The 15th Anniversary Special looks back at some of the most viral acts. Huh! I wonder if they’ll have a look back at past judges like Sharon Osbourne and Gabrielle Union? 7 p.m., NBC

Late Night:

  • Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Jesse Eisenberg, Blake Griffin, Gracie Abrams
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers: Matthew Macfadyen, Foster the People, Thaddeus Dixon
  • The Daily Show: The Daily Social Distancing Show
  • Watch What Happens Live: Alanis Morissette, Sean Hayes


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ABC Modern Family
Modern Family
Primetime: What Would You Do?
John Lewis: Celebrating a Hero
CW Stargirl
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FOX Hell’s Kitchen
Prodigal Son
NBC America’s Got Talent
World of Dance


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