THIS IS 2020.

Sadly, Barbara Walters was not available to ring in the New Year with “THIS IS 2020.” However, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen got the next best thing last night: SNL alum, Cheri Oteri, as Barbara Walters describing her upcoming reality series. 10/10 would watch:

“Most of all, I miss being FEARED.”

(ABC also released a video of a bunch of ABC celebrities delivering Barbara Walters’ famous line, but for my money, Cheri Oteri is perfection.)

For what other nonsense you missed last night, check out this gallery. Somehow I managed to catch Anderson doing a shot, them talking about cock sizes, the woman being brought in by guys in speedos, and Steve Harvey talking about diapers. It was a lot.

I hope you’ve said your goodbyes to Friends because it’s going to be about five months before you can stream again.

Yesterday was the last day for The Newseum, too. This article speculates on why it didn’t survive but suggesting that visitors expected virtual reality experiences or rides is perhaps the dumbest theory I’ve ever heard.

President Obama is out here trying to put me out of a job by releasing his Best of lists for movies and TV. 1. Yes, he must have seen THAT scene in Fleabag, but 2. I feel vindicated as all three of his TV series made my best of 2019 list, too.

John Mulaney is the best and his connection to the Dave Chappelle crisis at Comedy Central is pretty amazing:


One of the shows I’ve been watching during my short break has been The Witcher, and cool fact: The Night King taught The Witcher everything he knew.

If you’ve watched season two of You, here’s a spoilery article where Penn Badgley talks about playing a bad person. Oh, wait, spoiler alert: he’s a bad person.

OK, look. I am as sensitive to these matters as anyone, but “Fairytale of New York” is a classic song, and the use of the slur has to be understood within context. Learn some music history, children, and calm down.

Murder Mystery? Netflix’s most-watched thing in 2019 was MURDER MYSTERY? Are you KIDDING?

Eddie Murphy is having a good year: After winning praises for Dolemite is My Name, and his performance on Saturday Night Live, he’s being honored by the Critics’ Choice Lifetime Achievement Award.

Tangentially related to that SNL episode: Mark Hamil tweeted a correction to a “Weekend Update” joke about how the lesbian kiss in the new Star Wars film is “pretty tame considering the first movie had incest.” Hamil argued that Luke and Leia had no idea they were brother and sister when they kissed, but MY problem with the joke is …

well actually.gif

… the kiss happened in the second movie. Get it straight.


Hey, Zac Efron, be careful. It’s only a Quibi show, dude, the title isn’t meant to be understood so literally.

OH NO, get better, Teri Garr!


  • The Mandalorian has been renewed for a second season (which was never in doubt).

In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars


Lee Mendelson, Producer of A Charlie Brown Christmas, as well as the other Peanuts specials, Garfield specials, and a number of documentaries and specials

Jack Sheldon, “Conjunction Junction” singer and Merv Griffin sidekick

Neal Innes, Monty Python collaborator

Arthur Singer Jr., An executive at the Carnegie Corporation who paved the way for public television

Sue Lyon, Actress best known for her role in Lolita

Syd Mead, Futurist and artist who worked on the art design of Blade Runner and Tron among others

Andrew Dunbar, Body double for Alfie Allen on Game of Thrones

Don Imus, Notorious radio personality

Jerry Herman, Tony-Award-winning composer

Carly McCord, New Orleans sports for WDSU-TV

Bill and Joe Smith, Twin brothers who appeared on My Big Fat Gyspy Wedding

Sonny Mehta, Publisher of Knopf books


Doctor Who: Kick off the new year with an all-new season of Doctor Who. In the 12th season, intelligence agents from all over the world come under attack. Reminder: this is fiction. BBC America

Messiah: A mysterious man appears in the Middle East, claiming to be the second coming of Jesus. BUT IS HE? Series premiere. Netflix

Spinning Out: Ice skating dramaz. Series premiere. Netflix

The Circle: Netflix tries its hand at a reality competition that involves people in apartments and social media profiles? Or something? I don’t know. Series premiere. Netflix

Almost Family: Roxy is released from rehab in the winter premiere. 8 p.m., Fox

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Modern Family
Single Parents
CBS Evil
CW Riverdale
Nancy Drew
FOX Flirty Dancing
Almost Family
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