Late Night wonders what Trump is smocking

Jimmy Kimmel plays “Hypocritical Tweet from the Past” and offers Trump a guide for telling the difference between “ck” and “k” after the “smocking gun” tweet:

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at Trump’s legal and staff crises and compares Trump to a feral raccoon trapped in an attic. Yep, that’s about right. 

Stephen Colbert throws his hat in the ring to be Trump’s chief of staff. No, it won’t be good for the country, but it would be fun for Colbert. 

Jimmy Fallon suggests Mary Poppins might be the only person for the job of Trump’s Chief of Staff:

Trevor Noah points out that if Trump ends up in an orange jumpsuit, he’s going to look naked AND NO ONE WANTS THAT.

Based on how Trump misspelled “smoking,” James Corden points out that you don’t want to be at McDonald’s when Trump is ordering a large Coke. 


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert wishes adieu to John Kelly

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