Late Night is pretty sure UB kidding me with this Brett Kavanaugh bar brawl story

But could “Red Red Wine” be a more perfect song for this whole Brett Kavanaugh mess?

Jimmy Kimmel wonders how going to a UB40 concert didn’t show up in Kavanaugh’s background check:

Stephen Colbert wonders if Brett Kavanaugh is so smart, why is he so dumb that he told easily disprovable lies to Congress? INDEED.

Trevor Noah knows that Kavanaugh’s bar brawl had to be pretty serious for the cops to be called on a white guy at an Ivy League town in the 80s:

James Corden doesn’t know what the most pathetic part of this UB40 story is:

Jimmy Fallon explains that Kavanaugh’s calendar disputes the story that he threw a drink at UB40 — he was busy that night throwing a drink at Duran Duran.

Conan: “Cardi B has been arrested for ordering an attack in a strip club. She’s been charged with two counts of trying to get on the Supreme Court.”

Amber Ruffin Says What … is wrong with imagining throwing hot dog buns at Bill Cosby’s head:

More Drunk Donald Trump:

Seth Meyers checks in on what that day vampire Stephen Miller has been up to in the White House and its all terrible. All of it. Terrible.

Seth Meyers notes that if you have any idea who UB40 is, you also be 40. (It’s funny because it’s true.)

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