Here’s the moment when the lady Doctor Who realizes she’s a lady

Before we begin: register to vote and if you are registered to vote, make sure you still are registered to vote. The last day to register in Texas is Tuesday, October 9. Early voting in Texas begins on October 22. Election Day is November 6. I will be repeating this every day until registration closes, so just get used to it.

Here’s our first look at the Doctor realizing she’s a woman. I swear, this season of Doctor Who isn’t coming a moment too soon. It premieres this Sunday.

This is a reassurance that the lady who is taking over The Walking Dead will really be in charge and not the man who used to be. It’s … strange.

Stephen Colbert did a bit about a children’s book based on Trump’s weirdass comments after Hurricane Florence called, Whose Boat is this Boat? Comments That Don’t Help in the Aftermath of a Hurricane. It’s now a real book, raising money for the victims of Hurricane Florence. You can buy it here.

GHOST WILL BE BACK. (But will Nymeria? Because that would be awesome.)

Black Mirror will be choose-your-own-adventure next season, guys.

Bill Maher had Steve Bannon on his show and people were Very Not Happy About It. There is nothing surprising about this story: Maher is an asshat who loves to stoke controversy; meanwhile his critics seem to have a constant state of amnesia in which they forget that Maher — despite being sympathetic to their own political leanings — is an asshat who loves to stoke controversy.

NOT BREAKING NEWS: Lindsay Lohan and Kanye West are still insane.

Note: The 13th Amendment abolished slavery.

EVEN MORE NOT BREAKING NEWS: President Conspiracy Theorist loves Kanye.

Oh, and Kanye wasn’t even supposed to be the musical guest this weekend. Originally, it was supposed to be Ariana Grande, but she reportedly pulled out for emotional reasons (presumably the death of her ex-boyfriend). And here’s an interesting take on why Grande’s relationship with Pete Davidson was such a focal point of Saturday’s episode.

There were tons of great details in the premiere of The Good Place, but among the best were Ted Danson’s fake names. Dr. Charles Brainman!

More Halloween costumes, including great ones from Stranger Things, Game of Thrones and Bob’s Burgers.

Gwyneth Paltrow married Brad Falchuk, better known as Ryan Murphy’s producing partner.

Ted Turner has revealed he has Lewy Body Dementia, a terrible disease that strips people of their memories.


I’m really too angry about the whole Brett Kavanaugh story to spend too much time on it. Long story short: I believe her (and her and her) and believe that he is disqualified from being a Supreme Court justice as such (in addition to the lying in his testimony on Thursday, in addition to his insane partisan conspiracy theorizing in his testimony on Thursday, in addition to the fact that he displayed a lack of judicial temperament on Thursday by screaming and crying and attacking Democratic senators and using classic DARVO behavior, IN ADDITION TO EVERYTHING ELSE). AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THIS SHAM OF AN FBI INVESTIGATION THAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

Anyway, I wrote about my feelings here if you need more.

But before we leave the topic, a couple of things: Kellyanne Conway came out as a survivor of sexual assault yesterday as a means to attack other survivors. Internalized misogyny is a hell of a thing.

Rod Serling’s daughter had something to say about Kavanaugh comparing the accusations against him to The Twilight Zone:

Samantha Bee offers some funnies and a few ideas on self-care, but the most important bit of self-care that you can do is make sure you’re registered to vote and then do so in this election.

New York State has launched an investigation into CBS News and Les Moonves.

Kevin Spacey has been sued for battery.

Matthew Weiner claims he doesn’t remember being an asshole. Assholes rarely do.


California has passed a new sexual harassment law for talent agencies. California also passed bills that make it harder to include confidentiality clauses that could limit civil suits against predators; expanding sexual harassment training; expanding liability for employers of contractors and freelancers accused of harassment; and one bill requiring public companies to have at least one woman on the board of directors.



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Joe Masteroff, Librettist for Broadway musicals

Charles Aznavour, French entertainer


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  1. On the other hand, you could forget about voting and just let the people with money run things from the shadows. Check out ‘Dark Money’ (9pm tonight on PBS) to see how that worked out for Montana.

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