President Tinfoil Hat has some thoughts about how Google works, is an idiot

Hey, look, I found the best thing on Twitter in the last 24 hours or so:

And Julia Louis-Dreyfus agrees.

Because the best thing on Twitter was certainly not anything President Broken Brain tweeted today, like the tweets he originally composed at 5:45 this morning — only to retweet them about a two hours ago for some reason? — in which he reveals he has no idea how Google works.


*deep breath*

Pity the poor staffer who tried to explain search algorithms to President Cantaloupe.

Of course, there’s a certain strategic brilliance to this idiocy. When the News Manipulator-in-Chief tweeted this nonsense this morning when you Googled “Trump News,” the top results were:

And now when you Google “Trump News,” the top results are:

Ironically enough, the man who doesn’t understand how Google’s algorithms work has manipulated Google’s algorithms to his benefit. And that’s the horror and danger of all of this: that because President Unindicted Co-Conspirator is the most powerful person on Earth he has the ability to change the narrative with the snap of his fingers. Or with a couple of ignorant tweets, as the case may be.

In Other TV News

Here are the first 9 minutes of NBC’s Lost ripoff, Manifest.

Stop calling it “binge-watching,” you guys, Netflix doesn’t like it. Even though it’s their entire model. And “they’re king of the world now” so they get to call the shots.

Nickelodeon launched a streaming service today, called NickSplat, and it’s loaded with 90s shows, if you’re feeling nostalgic.

And now we know that Disney’s streaming service will cost less than Netflix, will feature Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars movies and films, and will launch in 2019.

Here’s Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip because he is in all of the shows.

Adventure Time‘s series finale — which is airing next week — will have its very own soundtrack.

Please do not hit Maura Tierney with your cars.

Time’s Up

OH GOOD, some of our favorite sex goblins have decided they have suffered enough, and that we want to hear from them again. Louis CK made an unannounced appearance at New York comedy club The Cellar last nightAnd motherfucking Matt Lauer, this asshole right here told “fans” that he is going to be back on TV soon. Excuse me, but did anyone ask for you to be back on TV, Matt Lauer? Because I’m pretty sure no one asked you to come back.

From Pajiba:

Don’t forget the stories of the women they abused in the workplace. Don’t forget that C.K. called one of his accusers and apologized for an offense unfamiliar to her, meaning he got her confused with some other woman he pressured into an unwanted sexual scenario. Don’t forget how these women saw their careers hurt because of him. Don’t forget how Rebecca Corry has received death threats for speaking out about CK. Don’t forget Lauer’s button that locked his office door at a distance. Don’t forget that Lauer smugly rejoiced in the firing of Ann Curry, who went to management when a female staffer came to her in tears over his horrid behavior. Don’t forget Lauer allegedly sexually assaulted a co-worker at his desk while she was unconscious. Don’t forget that each of these men treated their workplace as a kingdom where they could do whatever they wanted to the women around them, protected by their popular public personas, which scared women into silence.

Those personas gave them power. If we allow them to be easily polished and their abuses forgotten, we are 100% part of the problem. We are complicit.

Related: Aziz Ansari has also returned to the stand-up scene — but to his credit, at least his shows are announced in advance so people can decide for themselves whether or not they want to see him. (Also, personally I don’t think he’s a sex goblin, but it is interesting that he is trying to return to the public sphere.)

Rose McGowan has called for Asia Argento to “be the person you wish Harvey could have been,” in a lengthy statement.

CBS has been hit by a shareholder lawsuit over the Les Moonves mess.


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Bachelor in Paradise: A “seemingly trustworthy” man goes on a date with a newcomer. 7 p.m., ABC

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