Melania returns to Late Night to dispute the rumors that she is miserable being married to an orange turd


Melania has some thoughts on Omarosa’s allegations that she and Trump are feuding and explains why she finds Lebron so inspiring. (It has nothing to do with his book.)

Jimmy Kimmel asks why Donald Trump crossed the road:

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at Trump’s attempts to silence his critics with both Brennan and Omarosa:

Stephen Colbert wonders why Trump’s worst son’s wife was in charge of trying to pay Omarosa off:

Jimmy Fallon: “In response Lara said, ‘I am so embarrassed about this tape. Now everyone will know that I’m married to Eric Trump.’”

James Corden points out that nothing will convince Trump that the media isn’t against him by running editorials attacking Trump on the same day.

Late Night with Seth Meyers explains 3-D-printed guns. How hard can it be?

Finally, Trevor Noah and The Daily Show say goodbye to Hasan Minhaj:

James Corden imagines Mueller delivering his report in gospel form:


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