Omarosa is not done and lordy, there are more tapes

Hoo boy. Omarosa has the receipts and she is NOT PLAYING AROUND.

So, as I’m sure you’re aware, Omarosa has been going on any and every show to promote her book and talk shit about President Racist and his administration, and boy howdy, the Tweeter-in-Chief is UNHAPPY.


One of Omarosa repeated points is that the rumored tapes from the set of The Apprentice of Donald Janelle Trump using the N-word and other racial slurs exists. Our esteemed President says “nuh-uh.”

As for Mark Burnett, he’s not talking to the press, thanks.

However, maybe we should follow the money.

Here’s The New York Times piece for reference.

Anyway, in response to Trump’s denials of the tape, Omarosa gave CBS This Morning a recording of Trump staffers, Katrina Pierson and Lynne Patton — who interestingly are also both black women — discussing the Apprentice tape with Omarosa. Pierson, referring to Trump, says, “he said it…No, he said it. He’s embarrassed.”

Either in response to this story — or maybe in response to everything in general — President Feckless Blowhard tweeted this gem this morning:

Soooo… to prove he’s not a racist, he calls a black woman a “dog.” Got it.

He also tweeted that he made Omarosa sign a non-disclosure agreement:

But the thing is, as a public employee, she isn’t subject to non-disclosure agreements because The First Amendment. This is why they are going to try to go after her using the NDA she signed while working on the campaign, not for the White House (but they did make her sign one to work at the White House to make President Dummy feel better). But also, taking someone to arbitration over violating a non-disclosure agreement is maybe not the best way to suggest that person is lying?

Of course, at the end of the day the irony of all of this is that even if this alleged Apprentice tape does materialize, it won’t change a thing. If the Access Hollywood tape made no difference, if “shithole countries” made no difference, if Charlottesville made no difference, if tearing children away from their parents and throwing them in cages made no difference, why should we believe this magical N-word tape is going to make a single bit o f difference?

In other non-Omarosa News

Here is a complete list of Apple’s TV projects. Is it weird that they all sound great?

Granted, it’s only Tuesday, but this is the best thing that has happened this week:

Conan is going to cut musical acts when it moves to a half-hour format in 2019.

Ausiello is hinting that a recently canceled show is on the verge of being saved. So what show is it? The leading contenders appear to be Shadowhunters and Code Black. (But personally, I’m holding out hope for People of Earth.)

Presenting: The Worst Moment of This Man’s Life:

To be fair to him, he explained himself in a Twitter thread, and it’s both funny and a little heartbreaking.

If you’re curious about Jordan Peele’s upcoming projects, this excellent Vanity Fair piece is enlightening.

Vincent D’Onofrio is considering taking on a controversial role and would like your opinion.

Here’s what the PTC is mad about today.

Documentary Now! is going to spoof Original Cast Album: Company, a documentary about the making of Stephen Sondheim’s musical starring Elaine Stritch, and it’s going to star so many amazing people, including my boyfriend John Mulaney and Renée Elise Goldsberry.

What shows linger on your DVR? Unfortunately for me, my DVRs seem to crap out on me every five years or so — most recently about four months ago, and so I can’t claim to have anything from too far back. And I’m still angry at having lost Lemonade in that last instance.

Please make Samantha Bee a presenter, Emmys.

Pauley Perrette is upset with you, Family Feud.

Oh dear, Marie Avgeropoulos from The 100 was arrested for felony domestic abuse by her boyfriend — although he apparently didn’t know she’d be arrested and plans to not press charges.

Aretha, please get well soon.

Time’s Up

Congressman Keith Ellison’s former girlfriend has alleged that he abused her. Ellison is denying the claims.

WWE is looking into an old allegation against wrestler Randy Orton that he would expose himself to new writers in a particularly horrible way.

Oh, hey, Jeff Fager is back to work at CBS. I mean, are you fucking kidding me? Of course, Les Moonves is still at work, so I shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose.

Nerdist put out a weird statement in the wake of restoring Chris Hardwick’s name to the masthead, making sure everyone knows that he hasn’t been with them since 2017:


In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • The Romanoffs will debut on Amazon on October 12 and it stars everyone.
  • Light as a Feather will debut on Hulu on October 12.
  • Atypical will return on Netflix on September 7.
  • One Dollar will debut on CBS All Access on August 30.
  • The Resident returns on Fox on September 24.
  • City of Joy will debut on Netflix on September 7.



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The Terminator: I am always appreciative of stories that understand and respect time travel paradoxes. LOOKING AT YOU, LOOPER4:30 p.m., IFC

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