Late Night has a field day with this Omarosa story, and, really, who can blame them?

Stephen Colbert celebrates that thanks to Omarosa we finally have proof that the guy who refused to rent to black tenants, said a Nazi rally had some “fine people” and called African countries “shitholes” is a racist.

Seth Meyers can’t get enough of this paper eating story from Omarosa’s book. Also, what the hell were Trump’s lawyers doing hosting a radio show for three hours?

James Corden has the Omarosa tapes you haven’t heard:

Jimmy Fallon notes that Omarosa said “President Trump has ‘mentally declined.’ President Trump was furious. He said, ‘This is an outrage and — wait, what were we talking about?’”

Trevor Noah finds irony in the fact that this administration has given us so many books considering this president’s favorite book is a Hooters t-shirt:

Seth Meyers reveals how Trump was tricked into eating that piece of paper:

No new Jimmy Kimmel clips, but here’s a “Mean Tweets” from last week:

Finally, Last Week Tonight taught us about “astroturfing” this week:

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