Late Night dissects the Cohen-Trump tape. Get me a Coke, please!

Jimmy Kimmel gave the Michael Cohen tapes the mob movie treatment it deserves:

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at this Michael Cohen tape business. “And look, you can’t be a lawyer in charge of shady business dealings and also record everything. He’s like a hitman who decides to wear fingerless gloves. ‘I like to leave a calling card on all my victims: my fingerprints.’”:

Stephen Colbert wonders if anyone on Team Trump knows they’re being recorded:

James Corden has the other Trump-Cohen tapes:

… as does Jimmy Fallon:

Trevor Noah has an alternative theory as to why Trump constantly tweets “WITCH HUNT!” and considering Trump’s spelling skills, this is entirely plausible:

Samantha Bee reminds us what Watergate was again:

Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler reunited for a new “REALLY!?! with Seth and Amy” thanks to one James Comey.

Stephen Colbert also dares the Europeans try to out-stupid Donald Trump:

Jimmy Kimmel notes that Trump has installed security to protect his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Seth Meyers is only into the “Playboy” story for the articles … of impeachment.

James Corden is obsessed with The Proposal, because it is batshit insane:

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