Late night investigates the investigators and Jon Stewart hangs out under Colbert’s desk

Stephen Colbert doesn’t think this is a Constitutional crisis, more of a Constitutional homicide:

Also under Stephen’s desk: Jon Stewart.

Conan notes that Trump’s demand that the Justice Department investigate the people who are investigating him was published in “Things Innocent People Say”:

Seth Meyers does a very interesting deep dive on the people that have been fired by the Trump Administration … but haven’t exactly left:

Jimmy Fallon and James Corden explain why you needn’t worry about the sinkhole on the White House lawn (everyone has the same obvious joke):

Seth Meyers notes the similarities between Trump and a velociraptor:

Seth Meyers burns the royal wedding, DJ Khaled, bachelor parties and museums:

Jimmy Kimmel can’t get over the hilarious Brandi Chastain plaque (seriously, did they hire the artist who:


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