Here is some meaningless TV news to distract you from the endlessly violent murderhole our country has become

I don’t know what to say right now. Talking about TV seems dumb and pointless when all that is on my TV right now is coverage of another school shooting. This time it was in my backyard. The shooting that happened today is 37 miles from where I am sitting writing this. The shooter is a 17-year-old boy, the same age as my oldest son. 9 people are dead … so far. And now it’s 10.

I am numb. I’m sure the anger and the sadness will come soon, but right now, I’m just numb. I want to cry, I know I am going to but I’m not there yet. Right now I am just numb and feeling powerless. And bracing for the cycle of horror and outrage and demands for answers, demands for change, answered with thoughts and prayers and maybe a suggestion that something could change, something might be done this time … only, it won’t. It never does. Because in the end, this country loves its guns more than it loves its children.

I wish I had something more enlightening to say, but I don’t. All I can think to do is urge you to vote, both in your primary elections and this November and maybe donate to an anti-gun violence group of your choosing. A few to consider:

Everytown for Gun Safety

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

March for Our Lives

This. This is the world you’ve made for your babies, America:

But hey, it’s a TV blog, so I guess we should talk about TV. But know that I wrote almost all of this before I learned of today’s shooting. Blerg.

Tina Fey is hosting Saturday Night Live tomorrow. She’s about the only person in the world who could make us smile right now. She’s also a mother, and I expect her to have some thoughts tomorrow night on today’s horrors:

This is a sketch that was cut from last week’s episode. It was for the best:

There are still five series who are waiting to learn their fates: Ghosted, LA to Vegas, Timeless, Champions, and Code Black.

LA’s Finest, that Bad Boys remake from Gabrielle Union, might still become a series.

Roseanne is making some changes: most notably, Whitney Cummings is out as showrunner. The series is also planning on bringing back her Muslim neighbors and adding Hispanic characters. Great.

Michael Avenatti and the Mooch are possibly shopping a Crossfire-type show to cable news networks, God help us. Avenatti claims he’s not interested in television “right now” despite being on all of the news networks all of the damn time.

Emilia Clarke is pretty sure they are filming multiple endings for Game of Thrones. Which, good for them if they want to spend the money. But I demand that we get to see all the endings they shoot, dammit.

This is a great write-up about AMC’s upcoming Dietland which makes me VERY EXCITED for it to debut next month.

This is a nice timeline of working-class sitcoms, going all the way back to the beginning of television. It’s interesting to see how they tend to lump together during specific periods of time — mostly because television is an inherently conservative medium that depends on trends. Still, it’s enlightening.

The funniest story out there right now is that people at Fox News are FREAKING OUT because the network has instituted required sexual harassment training, a new trans policy, brought in a female CEO and installed Mulsim prayer rugs in what used to be Oliver North’s office. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

The lawsuit former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos filed against Donald Trump isn’t going away anytime soon.

The Royal Wedding is the big event this weekend. If you read one story about Harry and Meghan, make it this one. Representation matters.

Time’s Up

MTV has halted Catfish while they investigate sexual misconduct claims against show creator and star, Nev Schulman.

In an alarming story, Evangeline Lily accused the stunt coordinator on Lost of intentionally injuring her in retribution for speaking out against him.

Starz’s series The Spanish Princess has hired all female directors.

Women have taken over the top positions at the Miss America Organization.

Jason Statham is sorry for the things he’s not sure he said.


  • Big City Greens has been renewed for a second season ahead of the series premiere.

In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendar



13 Reasons Why: Second season. Netflix

Blindspot: Jane and Weller hunt Roman in the season finale. 7 p.m., NBC

MasterChef Junior: A winner is selected. 7 p.m., Fox

Once Upon a Time: The final chapter for Storybrooke. Series finale. 7 p.m., ABC

Hawaii Five-0: The Five-0 discover a Russian spy ring when a nuclear sub appears off the coast. No reason. Season finale. 8 p.m., CBS

Marvel’s Agents of Shield: It’s life or death for Coulson in the season finale. 8 p.m., ABC


The Royal Wedding: You know you want to watch. Times vary depending on which station you watch it on, but the wedding itself is scheduled for 6 a.m., Central Standard Time. 3 a.m., CBS; 3:15 a.m., PBS; 3:30 a.m., NBC; 4 a.m., ABC & CNN; 5 a.m., MSNBC & BBC

The Royal Wedding Live with Cord and Tish: 6:30 a.m., Amazon

Saturday Night Live: Tina Fey & Nicki Minaj close out the season.  10:30 p.m., NBC

Fahrenheit 451: Michael B. Jordan stars in this adaptation of the classic Ray Bradbury novel. 8 p.m., HBO


America’s Funniest Home Videos: Season finale. 6 p.m., ABC

2018 Billboard Music Awards: Music prizes. 7 p.m., NBC

NCIS: Los Angeles: The team heads to Mexico to save Mosley’s son in the season finale. 7 p.m., CBS

The Simpsons: Bart is struck by lightning in the season finale. 7 p.m., Fox

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake and Amy get married in the NOT series finale. (Yay!) 7:30 p.m., Fox

Family Guy: Peter meets God in the season finale. 8 p.m., Fox

Bob’s Burgers: The Belchers cater a wedding in the season finale. 8:30 p.m., Fox

Madam Secretary: The President prepares for a retaliatory nuclear attack in the season finale. 9 p.m., CBS

Fear the Walking Dead: Strand wrestles with Madison’s decisions. 8 p.m., AMC

Late Night: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (Friday): Sterling K. Brown, Willie Geist, Chef Danny Bowien The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: (Friday): Benedict Cumberbatch, Mary Gallagher Jimmy Kimmel Live (Friday): Ryan Seacrest, Gillian Jacobs, Julia Michaels Watch What Happens Live (Sunday): Retta, Ashley Darby

FRI. 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30
ABC Once Upon a Time
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
CBS Undercover Boss: Celebrity Edition
Hawaii Five-0
Blue Bloods
CW Harry and Megahn: A Love Story
Life Sentence
FOX MasterChef Junior
NBC Blindspot

SAT. 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30
ABC American Idol
20/20: The Royal Wedding
CBS Royal Romance: The Marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
48 Hours
FOX MasterChef Junior
Showtime at the Apollo
NBC Stanley Cup Playoffs
News/Local Saturday Night Live
(Tina Fey & Nicki Minaj)

SUN. 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30
ABC America’s Funniest Home Videos
American Idol
CBS 60 Minutes
NCIS: Los Angeles
Madam Secretary
FOX Bob’s Burgers
Bob’s Burgers
The Simpsons
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Family Guy
Bob’s Burgers
NBC Dateline
2018 Billboard Music Awards

One thought on “Here is some meaningless TV news to distract you from the endlessly violent murderhole our country has become

  1. “Mankind is resilient: the atrocities that horrified us a week ago become acceptable tomorrow”
    I think of this every time this happens. Then I rack my brain trying to come up with a solution that will actually have a chance of passing through congress. I guess its the engineer in me trying to solve the problem.

    Liked by 1 person

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