Damon Wayans and Pauley Perrette have some things to say about what was really going on behind the scenes

Damon Wayans, clearly irritated by the people outraged that Clayne Crawford was fired from Lethal Weapon, took to Twitter to defend the decision and to reject Crawford’s apology. In tweets that appeared after Fox’s Upfront presentations, Wayans shared a video and pictures from the set that seem to show Wayans being hit by shrapnel while filming an episode that Crawford directed.

Wayans also shared a photo of a sticker he claimed other people made along with more allegations of violent behavior before signing off Twitter and turning his account private:



In a very similar story, in the wake of leaving NCIS, Pauley Perrette tweeted that she left the series after “multiple physical assaults.” It’s all rather cryptic, but a cursory search suggests she and star Mark Harmon had something of a feud on set maybe related to his dog who bit a crew member, leaving a wound that required 16 stitches. For some reason, Perrette objected to Harmon bringing his dog back to the set and “she began to act like ‘a bit of a diva on set from that point on.'” Loving the gender-coded language there.


Having left her series, Perrette has nothing to lose by speaking her truth about her time on set. Wayans, however, is still on Lethal Weapon which was just renewed for a third season. While, I don’t blame Wayans for being frustrated that he was taking the brunt of the hate from the fans for Crawford’s firing, calling out Warner Brothers — his employer — for not defending him is a bold move.

It’s an interesting time, one that clearly was enabled by the #MeToo movement, in which both women and men are willing to demand more accountability from the very structures of power. I doubt Wayans would have been willing to come forward so publicly if our cultural conversation hadn’t taken this dramatic turn in the past year. But it will certainly be interesting to see how this all shakes out, especially now that Fox has invested in a new star and a third season of the show. Stay tuned.

Speaking of badly behaved men, Why do the rules continue to be different for Johnny Depp?

Women directed 14 of the 42 drama pilots this season — and of those, 57% were picked up to series, whereas the men’s percentage was 46%. This is a dramatic uptick from years past: last year only one drama pilot was directed by a woman, and in 2016, there were only two. Over the past couple of years, networks have introduced initiatives to give female directors training and opportunities, and producers like Ryan Murphy have made public commitments to hiring 50% female directors. Looks like making an effort works. Whoda thunk.

Related: New York Times columnist David Leonhardt wrote a piece on Sunday acknowledging that he does not quote enough women in his pieces, and how that shapes not only the conversations but determines and perpetuates who gets to become “experts”:

When I began writing a daily email newsletter in 2016, however, I decided to try something new. The newsletter includes a few paragraphs that I write about the news, as well as some reading suggestions from around the web. And I made a simple rule: No newsletter can cite the work of only one gender. Every newsletter has to be coed.

The rule has changed my work. Without it, I would too often rely on familiar voices, most of which are male. Because of the rule, I have gone looking for a wider variety of experts. That’s not merely a matter of fairness. It broadens my worldview and improves my journalism.

And this is why this conversation is so important to have: It’s not enough to say “Women should be equal” (or to insist that women ARE equal and everything is a simple meritocracy so be quiet), we have to try to look at our own biases and try to adjust structures to give more people a chance to participate. It’s easy to maintain the status quo; it’s harder and much more uncomfortable to change things — but it’s worth it.

Just to be clear, this is not just about women, but about diversity overall Here are two shows trying to address diversity issues: Netflix’s Witcher and Jessica Jones.

Salma Hayek points out that the only women whose accusations Harvey Weinstein responded to were women of color because they are more easily discredited.

Georgina Chapman, the soon-to-be-ex-wife of Harvey Weinstein has finally told her story to Vogue. She would like you to feel sorry for her, please.

John Kricfalusi can fuck off.

Aziz Ansari is back and you know what? That’s fine. BUT DON’T BE GETTING ANY IDEAS, MATT LAUER.

No, Rhianna’s stalker did not break into her house “to have sex with her.” He broke into her house to RAPE HER.

Other TV News

Again, we are in the middle of Upfronts season, so for more network news check out these posts:





The CW

And though it’s not as dramatic as Wayans and Perrette’s tweets, Gillian Anderson clapped back at Fox’s suggestion that her refusal to come back to the series was why they weren’t planning on making more:

More Game of Thrones spoilers, including who has — and who hasn’t been seen on set.

Don’t even suggest there could be a Parks and Recreation reboot unless you’re willing to give me a Parks and Recreation reboot.

Fun Fact: We have Will Smith’s lack of financial acumen to thank for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Feeling blue about Lucifer being canceled? You’re not the only one. (OH MAN, THEY CAST NEIL GAIMAN AS GOD? COME ON.) Here are some ways to express your disappointment. Tom Ellis is with you guys.

And it looks like Designated Survivor is being shopped around.

Here’s a very long piece about the future of Fox, the conclusion of which appears to be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

85% of Netflix’s spending will be on original products.

Dumb dummies are dumb.

TV is doomed.


  • Cash Cab has been renewed by Discovery.
  • Siren has been renewed at Freeform for a second season.


In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • So You Think You Can Dance returns on June 4th on Fox.
  • Deadly Class will debut on Syfy in 2019.
  • Nightflyers debuts on Syfy this fall.


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