Late night frets about “Global Crisis Bingo”

On the news that Trump sent Peace Treaty Barbie and Collusion Ken to go open the new embassy in Jerusalem (thereby undoing 70 years of precedent) Stephen Colbert is concerned that Trump is about to hit “Global Crisis Bingo”:

Jordan Klepper tackles something “completely uncomplicated and super simple: the state of Israel”:

Colbert also tells us all about Trump and Hannity’s late night lovefest. “If your Tucker Carlson lasts more than four hours, it’s because he’s a dick.”:

James Corden notes that Trump and Hannity end every evening chatting on the phone, and that Hannity has just the reassuring thing to tell Trump every night: “Be cool it will all work out.”

Jimmy Fallon is pretty sure Trump’s China tweet suggests he’s just discovered weed:

Trevor Noah does a deeper dive on the DHS proposal that immigrant children be separated from their parents as a deterrent against illegal immigration and John Kelly’s horrific comments about the plan, and points out that this attitude is nothing new:

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at Michael Cohen’s corrupt pay-to-play scheme, John Kelly’s gross “foster care or whatever” comment, and the White House communications staffer’s horrible comment about John McCain. These assholes, I swear to God:

Seth Meyers makes just a very excellent Pew Research Center joke:

Last Week Tonight explores the mess down in Venezuela. It involves talking birds:


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