Tina Fey surprises her biggest fans and SHUT UP, I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING.

Tina Fey’s biggest fans told a Mean Girls poster how they felt about the comedian and ladyhero, only to have said ladyhero jump out to surprise them, and hey, guess what, it choked me up just as much as it did Jimmy Fallon. DAMN YOU, EMOTIONS.

Stephen Colbert notes that Trump’s lawyers have jumped to the conclusion that Micahel Cohen will turn state’s evidence against Trump — and that the word “innocent” is not been uttered in this entire conversation. (Also, what is up with these guys’ obsession with piss?)

The Daily Show checks in on all those “good guys with guns.” Somehow he manages to not mention the guy who accidentally discharged his gun in a SAFETY CLASS, injuring one of the students:

James Corden accurately notes that now that Karen McDougal’s gag order is lifted, our gagging begins: 

The Opposition‘s Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson explain that climate change is not happening but if it is happening, is definitely not man-made, but if it is man-made, it might be good because it will save crab dicks:

Jimmy Kimmel turned the tables on the Scandal cast’s biggest prankster, Josh Malina, and honestly, it’s a very good prank.


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