Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert celebrate the best signs at the Women’s March

Hey look! Jimmy Kimmel noticed my favorite Women’s March sign, too! (It’s the cunt one. Obviously.) He also marvels that Trump is so bad at women that he somehow made a protest about him somehow EVEN MORE about him.

Stephen Colbert also picks out a few favorite signs from the Women’s March:

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at the Women’s March and the government shutdown, and finds himself agreeing with Trump (past Trump, that is):

Jimmy Fallon thinks the joke is actually on the protestors:

Trevor Noah notes that Trump couldn’t even pretend work during the shutdown:

The Opposition assures us that the government shutdown isn’t actually over at all:

Stephen Colbert calls bullshit on Trump’s claim that he was “working hard” during the shutdown:

Jimmy Kimmel checks on spokespuppet Kellyanne Conway on the Trumpiversary:

Seth Meyers plays, “Who’s Trump Calling?” and listens in on the tiny voice in Trump’s tiny brain:

Finally, Conan handed over the micropphone to let Haitians roast Trump and it was beautiful:

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